Note To Boy By Sue Clark

Note To Boy‘Note To Boy’ is the latest book by Sue Clark.

Eloise is an erratic, faded fashionista. Bradley is a glum but wily teenager. In need of help to write her racy 1960s memoirs, the former ‘shock frock’ fashion guru tolerates his common ways. Unable to remember his name, she calls him Boy. Desperate to escape a brutal home life, he puts up with her bossiness and confusing notes. Both guard secrets. How did she lose her fame and fortune? What is he scheming – beyond getting his hands on her bank card? And just what’s hidden in that mysterious locked room?

If you enjoy books that drip with sass and are brimmed with unlikely friendship then ‘Note To Boy’ is for you.

When 17 year old Bradley answers a job to help with a few errands for an elderly woman, he had no idea what those few errands would become something that would take over his life. The elderly woman is called Eloise who was originally named Elaine, but she was always convinced that she was destined for bigger and better things. With arrogance and ideas above her station, she sets the fashion world alight in the 1960’s and 1970’s with her brand Heavenly Bodies and hails herself as the original ‘it’ girl.

Now in her 80’s, she’s still reliving her hay days, but sadly has a touch of dementia and is unable to look after herself, so Bradley is appointed as her carer and ghost writer for her upcoming memoirs.

The relationship becomes more of a friendship, as Eloise asks Bradley to move in with her allowing him to escape his bullying brother and mother and with the few pounds she gives him helps him lead a better life. With his companionship, Eloise is able to relive her happiest days and he offers her a better quality of life and is able to keep her glass full with Sapphire Gin. The interaction between the two of them makes for funny and tender reading, Eloise has a sharp tongue and keen eye and is always quick to point out when Bradley is in the wrong and Bradley helps bring Eloise into the 21st century with new technology. There are sad moments when Eloise forgets who Bradley is and he has to remind her and this does make for tender moments. Bradley is a bit of a gruff character, but he is also shy due to the birthmark on his face that he’s self conscious about and it’s nice to see that as the story progresses, we see him grow in confidence down to the money that Eloise is paying him and he’s able to buy new clothes and keep in shape.

The story is written in past and present tense and is seen from the narrative of both characters and this does make for lovely reading, as Eloise relives her flamboyant lifestyle through her memoirs and Bradley has escaped an unhappy life. Although it is unspoken, they are both grateful that they have come into each others’ lives and provide some companionship.

Essentially a story of friendship, this book is a warmhearted and funny story that flows at lovely pace. Filled with attitude, nostalgia and fashion, ‘Note To Boy’ is a trip down memory lane and shows that unlikely friendships can blossom from any situation.

You can buy ‘Note To Boy’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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