Saving Missy By Beth Morrey

Saving Missy‘Saving Missy’ is the debut novel by Beth Morrey.

Missy Carmichael is prickly, stubborn – and terribly lonely. Until a chance encounter in the park with two very different women opens the door to something new. Something wonderful. Missy was used to her small, solitary existence, listening to her footsteps echoing around the empty house, the tick-tick-tick of the watching clock. After all, she had made her life her way. Now another life is beckoning to Missy – if she’s brave enough.

This book is such a tender and poignant story that made for heartwarming reading.

It’s seen from the narrative of Missy, a 78 year old woman, she lives alone with 2 grown up children, her son lives in Australia with his wife and son and her daughter lives in Cambridge. Their relationship is a bit estranged which causes Missy some upset with not having family close to her.

But on a walk to the park, she collapses and through this incident, 2 friends take her under their wings and offer friendship and company so the day isn’t as long for the lonely widow. Sylvie is a kind woman who likes to help others, Angela is a feisty Irish woman with her little boy called Otis. She looks after others and introduces Bob to Missy, a dog that needs looked after whilst her friend sorts herself. Missy underestimates the value of having a dog for company and learns to love the four legged creature and the new activities and friendship it provides.

I loved this story and the sweet characters. The story is seen solely through the narrative of Missy in the present but there are also chapters from the past explaining her background and life, which really sets the tone for the story.

At the start Missy, is quiet character who wishes to be invited to events and now with her new friends is the bell of the ball and growing in confidence and is repairing her relationship with her daughter Melanie.

A beautifully written story about new beginnings, the value of friendships and the companionship of dogs, ‘Saving Missy’ is an uplifting triumph of a debut that celebrates community kindness and second chances.

You can buy ‘Saving Missy’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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