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Saying Goodbye To Tuesday By Chrissie Manby

Saying Goodbye To Tuesday ‘Saying Goodbye To Tuesday’ is the latest book by Chrissie Manby.

Stupendo the dog has died. But that’s just the beginning of his story. To love and protect. The code of the good dog is clear. When single mother Tuesday took on mongrel pup Stupendo, she made a friend for life. Through the best and the worst of times, Stupendo has been there for her. Ever faithful, ever loyal, ever true. Nothing could break their bond. Until last week. Stupendo doesn’t know why Tuesday is suddenly ignoring him or why his doggy antics no longer seem to soothe Baby William. It takes his worst enemy – the cat next door – to break the news that Stupendo has become a ghost. Somehow left behind on Earth, Stupendo knows he has unfinished business. Enlisting the help of the community of animals in the neighbourhood, Stupendo must get to the bottom of the very human sadness that hangs over his old home and keeps him from saying goodbye to Tuesday.

Chrissie is one of my favourite authors and it’s been a while since I read one of her books. Her books are uplifting and charming and her latest book is a tender story.

Stupendo has died but he’s unable to move onto Rainbow Bridge and is stuck in limbo watching is beloved owner Tuesday mourn for him. No one can see Stupendo, only the other animals in the neighbourhood and William, Tuesday’s little boy who still shouts “do, do” when Stupendo is around. Now dead, Stupendo can go where-ever he wants, but no doesn’t feel joy with the unlimited freedom instead his heart aches for his old life and a confusion as to why he’s still around.
The story is seen solely through Stupendo’s narrative and flows in past and present tenses leading up to his death and the life that he had. Stupendo had a fantastic life with gardener Tuesday, he was fiercely protective of her particularly when non dog lover Kenton came into her life and Stupendo tried to warn her against him. But Stupendo was a dog, so she didn’t listen and ended up becoming a mother to William, who Stupendo loved as if William was his own. Now Stupendo was guardian of both Tuesday and William. He befriends Zena, a guide dog and between the pair of them stir up a new friendship between Zena’s surly owner Andrew and kind spirited Tuesday.
A dog’s perspective makes for fun and insightful reading. Stupendo is a handsome character with a huge spirit and appetite and his loyalty towards Tuesday and William is paramount throughout the story. His observations about life and humans make for fun and wise reading that made me smile through. His best friend in the animal kingdom is Caligula, a sassy cat who has three owners to handle his monstrous diet. The interactions between Stupendo and his feline friend makes for entertaining reading as even though Caligula is a sarcastic cat, he’s also sensitive to Stupendo’s situation.
This book is a beautifully unique story that is weaved with wit, warmth and tenderness that truly made for emotional reading. With uplifting moments, relatable and fun characters, ‘Saying Goodbye To Tuesday’ is a genuine heartbreaking story of a dog’s unconditional love and even in death, their loyalty never strays.

You can buy ‘Saying Goodbye To Tuesday’ from Amazon and is available to buy from most good bookshops.

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