Starlight At Snow Pine Lodge By Rachel Barnett

‘Starlight At Snow Pine Lodge’ is the latest book by Rachel Barnett.

Making headlines is something socialite Tania knows all too well. After her latest scandal goes too far, she decides the perfect solution to her problems lies in a remote ski lodge away from the cameras. Clara is learning to take each day as it comes after a sudden tragedy rocked her whole world. A trip to the French Alps couldn’t have come at a better time, a chance to heal and get back on her feet. To her friends, Rose is the glue that keeps the group together. The first person they call in times of need and one always to put others before herself – even if it comes at the cost of her own secret heartache. As Clara, Rose and Tania head to Snow Pine Lodge, what waits for them there is far more than the relaxing break they were expecting. Between uninvited guests, a brewing snowstorm and old secrets bubbling to the surface, these women will need to lean on their friendship more than ever before if they’re to face up to their pasts and fight for the relationships they really want.

This poignant Christmas story is seen through the perspective of friends, Clara, Tania, Rose and Madeline as they spend the festive season cocooned in Tania’s family lodge to help Clara heal after she suffered a terrible tragedy. It’s during this time that wounds begins to heal, new friendships are made and lies are brought to the surface. Clara and Madeline are best friends, who have taken their friendship a step further whilst Tania is tired of living in the shadow of her father’s success and when she meets Gull decides to keep her background for him. Out of all the characters, I loved Madeline the most, her curiosity and lust for life made for lovely reading as she got used to the finer things in life. Clara is a lost soul who’s trying to grieve whilst finding her place in life, thankfully, Tom the lodge chef is there to listen and share his love of cheese with her.

This is my first festive read of 2023 and what a lovely start, it’s beautifully written and packed with such vivid imagery of the slopes and the delicious food and drink, my mouth was literally watering at some of the food scenes. A tender story packed with heart and charm, ‘Starlight At Snow Pine Lodge’ is the perfect escapism book to curl up with this season.

You can buy ‘Starlight At Snow Pine Lodge’ from Amazon.

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