Swimming For Beginners By Nicola Gill

‘Swimming For Beginners’ is the latest book by Nicola Gill.

Loretta has her life under control. She’s chasing a big promotion, she’s marrying the “perfect man” and she has a flawless five-year plan. This plan does not include children. But when a complete stranger asks her to watch her six-year-old daughter in an airport and never returns, both their lives will be changed forever. A little human in fairy wings and sparkly cowgirl boots will turn Loretta’s world upside down and maybe, just maybe, show her exactly what she’s missing.

I absolutely loved this book, I would have devoured it in one sitting had not a five month old and life not gotten in the way! Filled with warmth, hope and fantastic characters, this book is one of my favourite books of 2023.

The story is seen solely through the narrative of Loretta, a no nonsense woman who has little time for small talk and likes to keep to herself. But then she meets Phoebe and her whole life turns upside down and she begins to look at her life from a different perspective and realises what she thought she didn’t want, she actually did. I adored Phoebe, for six years old, she’s wise beyond her years and has such a warmth and curiosity about her and it’s lovely to read her relationship with Loretta and help Loretta tackle some of her own demons.

Having worked as a Copywriter in an advertising agency, I really enjoyed the insight into the functions of the agency, the stress of keeping to deadlines, getting the brief right and dealing with multiple egos.

This story was a joy to read from the first page, it’s beautifully written and really hones on how fragile life is. Filled with poignancy, hope and warmth, this book had me laughing and crying in equal measures, from the tender moments between Loretta and Phoebe, to the frank conversations with Sylvia, Phoebe’s grandmother and Loretta.

‘Swimming For Beginners’ is a must read and should be in every booklovers stocking this year.

You can buy ‘Swimming For Beginners’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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