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Tell Me How It Ends By Isabelle Grey

Tell Me How It Ends‘Tell Me How It Ends’ is the latest book by Isabelle Grey.

Delia Maxwell is an international singing sensation, an icon of 1950s glamour who is still riding high on the new 60s scene. Adored by millions, all men want to be with her, all women want to be her. But one woman wants it maybe a little too much. Lily Brooks has watched Delia all her life, studying her music and her on-stage mannerisms. Now she has a dream job as Delia’s assistant – but is there more to her attachment than the admiration of a fan? Private investigator Frank is beginning to wonder. As Lily steps into Delia’s spotlight, and Delia encourages her ambitious protegée, Frank’s suspicions of Lily’s ulterior motives increase. But are his own feelings for Delia clouding his judgement? The truth is something far darker: the shocking result of years of pain and rage, rooted in Europe’s darkest hour. If Delia thought she had put her past behind her, she had better start watching her back.

A couple of hours ago, I sat down and began Isabelle Grey’s new book called ‘Tell Me How It Ends’ and I was hardly able to put the atmospheric and intoxicating story of lies and scandal down until I reached the final page.

The story starts at the point that jazz singing sweetheart Delia Maxwell has suddenly disappeared and private investigator Frank is hired to find out where she has gone to. When she returns, it’s to the announcement of her daughter Lily is a new singing sensation forcing Delia to take a back seat in her career. But people aren’t convinced by Lily and all start to look into the background of the young woman who is claiming that the nations sweetheart is her mother.

The story is set in the 1950/60’s and Grey’s vivid descriptions of smoky jazz bars and the iconic fashion from that era really bring the story to life. There are multiple narratives in the story and they all give an interesting insight to story but at the core they all share one common interest they were all affected by the Second World War. James was injured in it and has never got over it, Delia had to flee to safety having lost her sister and parents whilst the consequences of the war is what drives Lily to succeed.

The characters are a fantastic blend of personalities, Delia is a kind and gentle soul who despite people’s opinions believes that Lily is her daughter and only sees the best in her. Lily is a ruthless young woman who’s determined to become famous and doesn’t care who she hurts along the way, whilst Frank has found himself caught in the middle and finds himself falling for Delia’s kind nature.

This book is a beautifully written story that I thoroughly enjoyed. I don’t often read historical books, but the level of detail, description and the plot really hooked me in. With intriguing characters and beautiful imagery, ‘Tell Me How It Ends’ is an intricately written story about revenge and secrets that captivated my attention.

You can buy ‘Tell How It Ends’ from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops.

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