The Accident By Julia Stone

The Accident‘The Accident’ is the latest book by Julia Stone.

The police ruled it as misadventure. A young woman falling from a bridge onto Janice Thomason’s car was not an act of suicide or murder, it’s just an accident. But for Janice, it feels like fate has thrown them together. As a genealogist, Janice is used to tracking down clues – is even a little obsessive, one might say… The police know so little about the Jane Doe that fell on her car that she decides to start her own investigation into the victim and the people she knew. Surely someone must be to blame? Sometimes the only way to uncover the truth is to lie… and for Janice, living a lie comes all too easily.

I’ve spent Sunday with my head in this book and I loved every intense second of it.

The story is seen through the narrative of Janice, a quiet, lonely woman who witnesses the horrible accident when a Jane Doe dies. She’s determined to find who the woman and through her own cunning skills and archiving work finds the family of Sunny and manages to weave her way into the family and finally after years of living a lonely life, feels apart of something.

Janice is a character that I felt a deep empathy for, she’s a kind woman who’s always felt inferior to her mother’s high maintenance way of going. Her life was put on hold when her father passed away and she had to look after her mother, but her mother is quite self absorbed and spends their own phone call a week talking about herself and belittling Janice.

At just over 300 pages long, this book was easy to consume in one sitting – I had tea for company! An insightful and cleverly written psychological thriller about deceit, ‘The Accident’ is an addictive page turner that made for fantastic reading

You can buy ‘The Accident’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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