The Affair By Gill Paul

[amazon_link id=”1847563260″ target=”_blank” ]The Affair[/amazon_link]’The Affair’ is the latest book by Gill Paul.

In Rome 1961, Diana Bailey is brought to the set of ‘Cleopatra’ to begin work as a historical advisor and strikes up a friendship with young make up artist, Helen. Tensions are running high on the film set as the film is running into financial difficulty and the paparazzi are whipping up a media storm over the very public affair between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. As Diana adjusts to her new life away from her troubled marriage, she seeks solace in Ernesto, a charming member of the film crew. But as she grows closer to him, she spends less time with Helen, who is harbouring a dark secret of her own.

‘The Affair’ is the first book that I have read by Gill Paul and I honestly thought it was a captivating story about one of the silver screens most admired and sought after heroines.

Told beautifully through the eyes of bystanders, the story of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s torrid love affair is revealed whilst filming one of most cinematographic films of all times, ‘Cleopatra’. Set in Italy, the story is vividly descriptive, from the beautiful landscapes to the breathtaking costumes, the story was such a gloriously captivating tale, that I couldn’t put it down.

Within ‘The Affair’ there are three stories, the main story revolves around Diana, as she embarks on her adventure on Italy and her new found relationship in Ermesto whilst her husband stays at home in England, the sub stories are the affair between Elizabeth and Richard and the paparazzi that are eager to capture their every moment together and finally there is Scott, a young American journalist who wants to be taken seriously as a journalist and reveal Italy’s drug lords but all his editor wants is stories of Elizabeth and Richard. With alternate chapters of the story being seen through the characters eyes, with twists and turns thrown in throughout, I thought it flowed cleverly together and came together nicely in the end.

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Affair’ I thought it was a wonderfully unique story that had my full attention from the very start, filled with glamorous locations and characters, this story oozes sophistication and sex appeal that made it a very hard book to put down. A story that is beautifully written and obviously a lot of hard work went into, this book is definately for fans of Elizabeth Taylor and for those who had a keen interest in her great affair with Richard Burton.

You can buy [amazon_link id=”1847563260″ target=”_blank” ]The Affair on Amazon [/amazon_link] and is available from good bookshops.

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