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The Beach Party By Peter Bartram

The Beach Party‘The Beach Party’ is the fifth book in the ‘Deadline Murder Series’ by Peter Bartram.

Brighton is about to host its most exciting beach party ever – with the world’s biggest name in rock music headlining the show. It seems a world away from the work of Evening Chronicle crime reporter Colin Crampton. But that’s before fraudster Claude Winterbottom is beaten to death. As Colin investigates the crime, he finds there are too many suspects. Like Manfred Crouchpenny, the fattest loan shark in the world. Or Jeremiah Clarke, leader of a band of purity campaigners. And who is the mystery woman who hides behind the pseudonym Astraea? The climax explodes on a pirate radio ship moored off the British coast. There are laughs alongside the action as Colin and feisty girlfriend Shirley Goldsmith race against time to save countless lives at the beach party.

Fast paced and quick witted, this swinging 60’s thriller was a joy to get absorbed in. Small time journalist Colin Crampton is determined to get the big scoop when a well known fraudster is killed and Colin has the inside story with his landlady being arrested for the crime. But Claude Winterbottom had annoyed a lot of people, so there are plenty of suspects getting in the way of Colin’s big story, especially when there is a huge beach party in the way.

I really enjoyed this story, the story flowed with plenty of drama and humour that really kept the reader engaged. I loved Colin, he’s witty with his one liners and his dialogue. It was fascinating to read how journalism was reported in the 1960’s compared to accessibility with today’s modern technology. There were plenty of twists and turns with unlikable characters that made for fun reading and kept me on my toes as it was a guessing game from the start.

The book was set in Brighton and this gave this investigative thriller a fresh and laid-back vibe to the story. This book was the final book in the ‘Deadline Murder Series’ and it made really want to me to look into the previous books and read more about Colin Crampton and his glamorous girlfriend.

A highly entertaining story with a charming and charismatic lead. ‘The Beach Party’ is a fun and vibrant story that made for entertaining and engaging reading.

You can buy ‘The Beach Party’ from Amazon.

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