The Call of Cassandra Rose By Sophia Spiers

The Call of Cassandra Rose‘The Call of Cassandra Rose’ is the latest book by Sophia Spiers.

Annabelle seems to have it all. The perfect house, a successful husband, a darling son. But Annabelle is troubled. Trapped in an unhappy marriage, failing at motherhood, and at odds with her new privileged lifestyle, Annabelle begins to self-harm, a habit resurrected from her traumatic past. When she meets the alluring and charismatic hypnotherapist Cassandra Rose, she is offered a way out. Through hypnosis, Annabelle is encouraged to unearth her painful repressed memories and face her childhood demons. But as the boundaries between her hypnotic trance and reality begin to dissolve, Annabelle becomes increasingly vulnerable to much darker forces.

This debut is a dark and compelling story that made for interesting reading. A keen observation into mental health, self harm and recovery from childhood trauma.

The story is seen from the narrative of Annabelle, whose mental health is triggered when her mother gets back in touch. Her relationship is unhappy and she’s convinced that her husband is having an affair and not working late. Her head is now in a bad place, so she turns to psychological Cassandra Rose, whose therapy will help her eventually find peace.

If you like domestic psychological thrillers then this book is a must read. Cleverly crafted about deceit, paranoia and trauma, this book was gripping. Annabelle is a great protagonist, she’s clearly a troubled soul who’s trying to fit into a middle class world who looks down on her, her husband is constantly is belittling her and she’s struggling to fit in. She’s unreliable so that makes the story interesting as the reader is trying to figure what’s real and what’s an illusion. Her interactions with Cassandra make for engaging reading as she hopes to get better with her life, but lines become blurred and she becomes unsure as what’s real or not.

With dislikable characters and fantastic plot twists, ‘The Call Of Cassandra Rose’ is a dark and taunt story that is originally written.

You can buy ‘The Call of Cassandra Rose’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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