The Lying Game by Sara Shephard

The Lying Game

Sara Shephard is back with a new series packed with bitchy teenage girls all wanting to be the most popular, wearing the best fashion and sporting the latest gadgets as they all keep up to date in the latest craze that has taken Hollier High by storm “The Lying Game”

It’s a shame that the creator of “The Lying Game” is dead and no-one seems to know, as her long lost twin sister has stepped into her shoes. After seeing Sutton in a movie, Emma is delighted that the miserable life she has become accustomed to, moving from foster homes could be at an end. As she contacts Sutton via Facebook and discovers that they were both adopted. Excitedly they arrange to meet up and Emma leaves Las Vegas for her new life, unaware that it’s a set up.

Sutton is dead and no-one knows, the only people that know is her killer and now Emma after a note is left, telling her that Sutton is dead and she is to tell no-one.

Emma has no choice but to become Sutton and take on her life. As Emma slips into Sutton’s life, she is desperate to know what has happened to her sister, whilst trying to piece all the clues together and keep up the act that she is indeed Sutton.

But whilst Emma tries to solve the mystery of her sister’s killer, she has no idea that Sutton is with her at all times, trying to find out who would kill her.

I was a huge fan of the “Pretty Little Liars” series and was disappointed when it ended but then “The Lying Game” was announced. I was curious to see how the books would work and although I enjoyed the first book of the series, there are visible similarities to the “Pretty Little Liars” series, the bitchiness, glamour and the dead teenage girl. Having said that, I found the book enjoyable and was unable to put it down. As Emma delves further into Sutton’s life and wonders if there is anyone she can trust, as it seems that everyone has had an issue with Sutton at some stage, so everyone is a suspect. I particularly enjoyed that the book was seen through the lives of both girls, the living and the dead as they both try to accomplish the same thing. To find out who killed Sutton.

Even though “The Lying Game” was a good introductory book to the series, I don’t know whether I will find the series as addictive as “Pretty Little Liars”. I seem to notice too many similarities with the two series but then again with there being so many unanswered questions, it will be hard to put the books down. Only time will tell if “The Lying Game” series will stand alone, but either way I will enjoy joining Emma and Sutton on their quest to find the killer.

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