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When I Fall In Love by Miranda Dickinson

When I Fall In Love

“When I Fall In Love” is the fourth novel by Sunday Times bestselling author, Miranda Dickinson.

Elise Maynard has a new life that she never dreamt of living. From inadvertently finding a choir with a former 80’s rock star, Woody Jenson, to starting to date again. Elise steps out into an unknown world, a world that now includes gorgeous designer Olly Hogarth, a man who seems intent on winning her heart. Overcoming problems, challenges and the occasional frustration namely overconfident Torin Stewart who seems to be everywhere. Elise believes that she is making the most of her life.

But when a heartfelt request brings her to Paris and the last item on a every important List, Elise wonder if she can take the final step and finally lay her past to rest?

I have to say that I loved “When I Fall in Love” by Miranda, it was the first book that I had read by the author and what it a lovely introduction to her, it was.

Like other people, I also thought it was a Christmas book, but was presently surprised to see that it wasn’t having recently been inundated with festive reads, it was a welcome change. With a quirky beginning to the story, I was immediately hooked, filled with vibrant and colourful characters. such as Elsie, who I thought was an enchanting lead, as we joined her on her adventure. Beautifully elegant, with a gentle soul that people seem to radiate to, she was a delight to read as she helped others and dealt with the trouble in her life that was holding her back from moving on. I particularly enjoyed her boss Cher, who ran the ice-cream shop in Brighton, for some reason every time I read any scene that featured Cher, I kept imagining Annie from the 80’s cult film “Pretty in Pink” which is one of my favourite films (she played Molly Ringwald’s boss in the record shop) and like Cher had a love for all things retro wearing beehives and flared out skirts. I loved this character as she struggled to find love, heartbreak was always around the corner, but with a strong spirit and presence, she was a wonderful support.

I honestly can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but it did remind me of another book “PS I Love You” by Cecelia Ahern, which I read a number of years ago and although both books left me crying and sad, particularly “When I Fall in Love” left me bawling publicly on the bus. I will have to admit that I loved “When I fall in Love” that teeny bit more. The story is a beautiful tale presented with a sweet Winter illustration of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. Written prettily it is almost impossible to put it down, gently flowing with charming titled chapters, this book is packed with characters that you will love and long for them to find their happy ever after. Filled with scenes set in the picturesque city of Brighton and Paris “When I Fall In Love” is a wonderful tale that will make you giggle and cry in quick succession.

You can buy When I Fall In Love from Amazon and is available to buy from other good bookshops from November 8th 2012

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