Women Like Us By Amanda Prowse

Women Like UsFor those who know Amanda Prowse, she’s an international bestselling author with over twenty books under her belt and her latest book called ‘Women Like Us’ is her memoir and is wonderfully frank, relatable and witty.

Over the latest couple of days, I’ve enjoyed Amanda narrate her life story and gives an honest insight into her journey to becoming an author and the life experiences that she’s learned along the way.

Focusing on self-esteem, eating disorders and men, as well as battle a debilitating pelvis condition that made the simplest of tasks a chore. Her life was far from perfect and it’s so hard to read that with being such a successful and popular author, her struggles to become one. Having read quite a few of her books, I always admired her writing, the relatable characters, scenarios and the easy, gentle flow of her stories, so to hear that she struggled makes for sad but somewhat optimistic and aspirational reading as she persevered and went on to become the renowned author that’s she become.

Throughout the story, she reflects on vulnerabilities, the fear of being unable to carry a baby, the breakup of a marriage and never felt comfortable in her own body and using these struggles motivated her to become the author that she dreamt of becoming from being a little girl.

This story is a tender and poignant one that is instantly relatable. Weaved with wit, warmth and complete honesty, ‘Women Like Us’ is an inspirational story that all women can empathise with. The struggles of fitting in, not only in society, but family and our bodies and to finally accept yourself as the best version of yourself, because when you accept yourself, everything else will fall into place.

You can buy ‘Women Like Us’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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