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My Writing Space – Fiona Gibson

Fiona GibsonToday Fiona Gibson also known as Ellen Berry shares her writing space.

Although I’m lucky to have my own room in our flat to work in, I’m not really precious about it. I love the idea of having ‘beautiful things’ around me, but when I’m full on with writing I could be anywhere really. I enjoy working in libraries, cafes and on trains, etc, as much as being at home. I work on a fairly aged laptop – if you peer closely at the keyboard you’ll see it’s been hammered so hard, almost all the letters have worn off. My family laughs at the way I bash the keys. It’s probably because my first job, on Jackie magazine back in the early 80s, involved writing all my features on a manual typewriter. You really had to hammer the hell out of it!

Fiona Gibson Writers Space

This room overlooks our street in a fairly quiet, residential area of Glasgow. It’s crammed with bookshelves and art materials. As well as writing, I love to draw and paint, and have recently been asked to do a bit of illustration work. So my desk is often cluttered with paints, inks, brushes and suchlike as well as the book in progress. I like music on low while I’m working – jazz, soul, disco, Latin or folk – it varies according to my mood.

When my children were younger and still at home, having a designated workspace felt crucial if I was ever going to get anything done. But all three – our twin sons and daughter – have all left home now and it’s just me and Jimmy, my husband, and our collie cross, Jack. The house should be immaculately tidy – but somehow, it’s not!

Fiona Gibson Writers Space

My Writing Space – Alex Brown

Alex Brown Writers Space

Alex Brown, author of the Carrington’s series as well as her recent book called ‘A Postcard From Italy’ invites us to see her writing space and what a pretty one it is!

My office overlooks woodland, but because I also live very close to the sea I often hear the soothing sound of seagulls. To the side of my desk is a vintage Dansette record player so I can listen to my beloved Northern Soul records while writing and bookcases run along one wall where I’ve recently added my new book for 2019, ‘A Postcard From Italy’.

Alex Brown Writers Space

I’m very superstitious and must light a candle and have my ‘lucky writing poncho’ close by before I start writing, you’ll see it’s currently over my chair in this hot weather, but I’ll be wearing it as soon as winter comes.

Alex Brown Writers Space

You can buy Alex’s latest book called ‘A Postcard From Italy’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

My Writing Space – Catherine Ryan Howard

Catherine Ryan Howard Writers Space
In the first of a new feature on the website, I talk to Edgar nominated Crime author Catherine Ryan Howard about her writing space and it’s quite the beauty!

Writing my second novel, ‘The Liar’s Girl’, took an awful long time and was not an especially enjoyable writing experience. I had a serious case of Second Novel Syndrome. One late night after a long, long string of late nights, I got so fed up of looking at my desk I vowed that, as soon as I finished the book, I’d treat myself to a desk makeover. I wanted to love where I worked and it’s safe to say, I do now! My desk is a pink-trimmed Micke from IKEA topped with an adjustable standing desk from I keep copies of my own books on the shelves next to it – to remind myself that I’ve done this before, I can do it again – and I’ve decorated the wall with cards, prints and trinkets that make me smile and/or encourage me when I’m feeling meh and am tempted to go binge-watch Netflix instead. This is my new computer which has a ginormous screen: it’s perfect for me because I like to work with the current draft and previous draft side by side. Please note: there isn’t usually a glass of wine on this desk – I’d just finished a four-hour install/backup/transfer of the new computer when I took this, and felt like a reward! Coffee is my usual fuel.

‘Rewind’ is Catherine’s latest novel and is available to buy from Amazon and good bookshops.

For more information about Catherine and her books, go to Catherine Ryan Howard