Book Tour – Searching For A Silver Lining By Miranda Dickinson

[amazon_link id=”1447276078″ target=”_blank” ]'Searching For A Silver Lining[/amazon_link]Today’s book tour features Miranda Dickinson’s sparkly new book, ’Searching For A Silver Lining’ and today Miranda introduces us to the cast of the novel.

Meet The Cast – #7: Kelvin and Pru

As Mattie Bell and the inimitable Reenie Bell embark on their road trip to reunite former 1950s singing stars The Silver Five, they meet a young couple on the journey with a story to tell…

I loved the idea of writing a multi-generational road trip and Kelvin McNeil and Pru Chapman were the youngest members of the crew from the very first draft of the book. But during the writing of ‘Searching For A Silver Lining’ their stories changed quite significantly. In the finished book I think their story, while different from what I’d originally envisaged, is really lovely. Kelvin has been in love with feisty, independent Pru for years but has never revealed his true feelings. Pru, after escaping from a troubled home life, finds herself in trouble and calls on her best friend for help – only for the pair to be stranded while hitchhiking home. Reenie, Mattie and Gil meet them during a break in their journey and Reenie insists they join the road trip…

If ‘Searching For A Silver Lining’ becomes a film (hello, lovely film directors!), my dream casting would be Allen Leech (best known as Tom Branson in ‘Downton Abbey’) as Kelvin McNeil and Nell Hudson (who plays Laoghaire MacKenzie in ‘Outlander’) as Pru Chapman. I think they would really bring Kelvin and Pru to life!

You can buy [amazon_link id=”1447276078″ target=”_blank” ]Searching for a Silver Lining from Amazon [/amazon_link] and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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