More Good News for Marian Keyes Fans

Marian Keyes

It seems that 2012 is going to be a busy year for Marian Keyes. Having recently announced that she would be releasing her first cookery book entitled “Saved by Cake” in the New Year,

It has now been revealed that she will be releasing a new book called “Mercy Falls” and its another Walsh family story!

Here’s what the book is all about.

At 34, Helen Walsh’s life has hit a speed bump. Her flat has been repossessed, her work as a private investigator has dried up and her lovely boyfriend is insisting on remaining friendly with his ex-wife.

So when Helen’s dangerous-but-sexy ex Jay Parker calls with a case for her, she’s intrigued. When it turns out the case involves the disappearance of Wayne Diffney, one-fourth of Ireland’s biggest-ever boy band, she’s hooked. As the Laddz reunion tour looms, Helen is drawn into a world of big hair, big mansions and even bigger egos, where everyone has an ulterior motive. But there’s still no sign of Wayne, time is running out and clues are thin on the ground…

Will she be able to crack the case and jumpstart her career? Will Jay manage to wheedle his way back into her life? And will the black dog of depression that’s been stalking her catch up with her once again?

“Mercy Falls” sounds like another roller coaster novel from one of Ireland’s favourite authors. I am already on the countdown for the release date!

Mrs Keyes, with your new cookery book and novel, you are truly spoiling us!

8 Comments on “More Good News for Marian Keyes Fans

  1. I am so glad to hear that we are getting not 1 but 2 books, its been a long wait but as long as Marian is well and back to her best its well worth it. Marian is my favourite author.

  2. Marian is bound to be the most hilarious woman alive. Actually, my favorite book that she has written is “under the sheets”, were she tells stories about personal experiences, Ive never laughed so hard during my entire life. I really really hope her depression fades away, so concerned about her without even knowing her…

  3. Howcome this is the only piece of news on Marian since her last newsletter in May 2010? I’ve been deeply worried about Marian’s health ever since, there has been nothing on her website after that newsletter (which I find strange), and now this! I really do hope you are right, because it means Marian is feeling better. New books are a just a bonus…

  4. I have been checking Marian’s website since 2010 hoping that she is feeling better, and as there hasn’t been any news was very concerned, just like I knew her personally. I have read all Marian’s books, probably about three times each one. I laughed so much while reading This Charming Man I nearly fell out of bed. The phrases ‘Rough as a badger’s a****’ ‘ and ‘Cranky A****’ have become firm favourites in my family. I am so looking forward to her next novel, and the cookery book. I do hope this signals a return to full health.

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