Oopsy Daisy Book Tour – Extract

Oopsy DaisyOn the back tour for Part 3 of Bella Osborne’s ‘Wildflower Park’ series, called ‘Oopsy Daisy’, enjoy an extract from the fun tale.

Sophie had been having the same conversation for what felt like slightly longer than forever when Anna pulled up.

Hopefully she’d be able to make sense of whatever Mrs Nowakowski was going on about.

Mrs Nowakowski was now waving her arms frantically. ‘D’ese is not that sort of neighbourhood. You look like you’re advertising burdel. Shame on you!’

‘What’s the matter?’ asked Anna, butting in.

They both started to speak at once and Anna held up her hands to stop them.

‘Sophie, hang on.’ Anna gave her best ‘bear with me’ face before turning to the older woman. ‘Mrs Nowakowski, what seems to be the problem?’

‘You make this nice place look like burdel. That is problem.’ She crossed her arms and gave a sharp nod of her head.

‘I think she means brothel.’ Sophie dissolved into giggles and felt the baby kick in response.

‘Why? What have we done?’ asked Anna.

‘The bra hanging in your window.’ Mrs Nowakowski pointed round to the side of the building where Anna’s lounge window was. Anna walked round and as the laughter died Sophie followed. When they reached the window the three women stopped and stared at the large bright red bra hanging there.

Anna looked at Sophie and gave a tip of her head. ‘What?’ said Sophie. ‘It’s not mine.’

Anna unfolded her arms and pointed to her chest. ‘Well, it’s definitely not mine!’ Anna was grinning.

‘Is it the international symbol for brothel?’ asked Anna.

‘According to Mrs Nosy-kowski,’ whispered Sophie.

As the two friends descended into yet more giggles Mrs Nowakowski shook her head and went home. Eventually they realised they were alone and went inside.

Anna tugged down the bra that was hooked over the handle of the window, shook her head and dropped the bra in the dirty clothes bin.

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