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When Things are Alive They Hum Extract

When Things are Alive TheyOn the book tour for ‘When Things Are Alive They Hum’ by Hannah Bent. Sit back and enjoy an extract from the book.

When things are alive, they hum. You can hear it if you put your ear to the chest of an animal or if you lean close close close to a plant. My own hum goes dum dum da da dum da dum. This is the sound of my heart talking to me. I hear it best when I am in my favourite place: on the landing at the top of the stairs, where it is quiet and the wood feels smooth under my feet. My toenails sparkle with glitter nail polish, the same colour that my Marlowe used to paint on for me.

I look up and out, through the windows and over my dad’s garden, which is on top of a cliff that touches the wide sea. The water is black from the night and the moon is orange and furry and full. In the glow of its strange light, I see birds flying low and slow.

The birds are fighting the wind.

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