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My Thoughts Exactly By Lily Allen

My Thoughts Exactly ‘My Thoughts Exactly’ is Lily Allen’s autobiography.

So, this is me. Lily Allen.
I am a woman.
I am a mother.
I was a wife.
I drink.
I have taken drugs.
I have loved and been let down.
I am a success and a failure.
I am a songwriter.
I am a singer.
I am all these things and more.

When women share their stories, loudly and clearly and honestly, things begin to change – for the better.

I’m not the biggest fan of Lily Allen. I’ve never bought any of her music but I did see her at Oxygen one year and enjoyed bopping along to her hit song, ‘It’s Not Fair’.

I was curious to read her autobiography, as I heard much talk of the content and I was wondering what made her do the things that people mentioned. So, I spent most of Christmas with my head in the book, absorbed in her world and finding out what made her the woman that she has become today.

This book is a honest reflection of growing up in the limelight, as well as struggles with mental health. From an early age, Lily explained her struggles with security as both her parents were either away working or socialising so Lily spent most of her time being pushed from pillar to post. She speaks candidly about her journey to becoming a pop star and the trials that she faced along the way, the pressures of the paparazzi, social media as well the struggles of maintaining relationships in the public eye.

Her wit and charm radiates from the page and her words occasionally make for poignant and reactive reading, as she speaks honestly about her battles with drink and drugs as well as her breakdowns, and she approaches some of the harder topics in a lighter tone as if to lessen the blow for the reader.

‘My Thoughts Exactly’ is a blunt and emotional eye opening account of the pressure of being one of England’s most influential singers. Riddled with drama and darkness, this book is an explosive insight into the pressures of being a young woman in a celebrity world and the problems that she faced when she was at her most successful.

You can buy My Thoughts Exactly from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Sofa So Good By Scarlett Moffatt

Sofa So Good‘Sofa So Good’ is Scarlett Moffatt’s life story so far.

Hiya, my name’s Scarlett Moffatt and I love random facts. Almost as much as I love sitting on me sofa. You might know me best from my most famous and celebrated sit thus far on the I’m A Celebrity throne. You might also know me from all sorts of other seats, most especially my Gogglebox sofa. Well this book is my attempt at telling me life story through a whole series of them! So I’d like you right now to stop what you’re doing and take a seat, whether it be in the comfort of your own home, on the top deck of the bus, on the tube (so you don’t have to make eye contact with anybody) or on the throne of the house (a.k.a. the toilet). I want you to get comfortable and get ready to laugh, cry and maybe even learn a bit, as I chat to you about some of the highs and lows of me life.

If you’re like me and are a fan of the nations sweetheart, aka Scarlett Moffatt then ‘Sofa So Good’ is the perfect book to curl up with.

In this witty and warm book, Scarlett speaks cleverly and frankly about her rise to frame, from simply watching television with her family to becoming queen of the jungle in winning the television series ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Me’.

With Scarlett’s quick wit and banter, she’s a warm and relatable character and her stories of childhood and meeting her hero’s really does make for entertaining and fun reading. Her quirky stories of family get togethers, first love and university made for really enjoyable and lighthearted reading.

But with every witty moment, there is a more serious tone to the book as Scarlett speaks honestly about her childhood, her bullying and solitude and how she found comfort and support in books and the escapism they provided. The book is also very informative as Scarlett is obsessed with facts and each chapter had a few random facts at the beginning, which I thought was a nice addition to the story.

In her writing, it’s admirable, her candidness about her battle with anxiety and confidence, she never shies away from the bad moments and provides reassurance that we all suffer from self worth.

I genuinely loved this book from start to finish. With being a fan of the reality star, I laughed throughout and could almost hear her voice, narrating the story.

Filled with wit and warmth, ‘Sofa So Good’ is the tale of Scarlett’s rise to fame. Pinpointing her highs, lows and the major turning points in her life, this book is an inspirational story that shows with a lot of belief and hard work, dreams can come true.

You can buy Sofa So Good from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.