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Cecelia Ahern’s New Book – How To Fall In Love

How To Fall In LoveBestselling Irish author, Cecelia Ahern is returning with her new book ‘How To Fall In Love’

The story of ‘How To Fall In Love’ is –

She has just two weeks. Two weeks to teach him how to fall in love – with his own life.

Adam Basil and Christine Rose are thrown together late one night, when Christine is crossing the Halfpenny Bridge in Dublin. Adam is there, poised, threatening to jump. Adam is desperate – but Christine makes a crazy deal with him. His 35th birthday is looming and she bets him she can show him that life is worth living before then. Despite her determination, Christine knows what a dangerous promise she’s made. Against the ticking of the clock, the two of them embark on wild escapades, grand romantic gestures and some unlikely late-night outings. Slowly, Christine thinks Adam is starting to fall back in love with his life. But has she done enough to change his mind for good? And is that all that’s starting to happen?

‘How To Fall In Love’ sounds like another bittersweet tale from one of Ireland’s most popular female authors.

You can pre-order How to Fall in Love from Amazon and will be available from bookshops from 7th November 2013.

Marian Keyes new ebook – Mammy Walsh’s A-Z of the Walsh Family

Mammy Walsh’s A–Z of the Walsh Family

If you can’t wait for the release of Marian Keyes new book “The Mystery of Mercy Close”, then you can breathe a sigh of relief as she has announced her first ebook novella, “Mammy Walsh’s A–Z of the Walsh Family”. The story is about is about one of Ireland’s favourite dysfunctional family.

Here is a quick word from the head of the Walsh Clan, Mammy Walsh.

‘There’s this woman I know from bridge, Mona Hopkins, a lovely woman she is, even if I must admit I’m not that keen on her myself, and she said a great thing the other day. I was expecting her to say “Two no trumps,” but instead she comes out with a saying about her children. She says, “Boys wreck your house and girls wreck your head.” Isn’t that a marvellous bit of wisdom – “Boys wreck your house and girls wreck your head!” And God knows it’s the truest thing I’ve heard in a long time. I should know. I have five girls. Five daughters. And let me tell you, my head is wrecked from them.
Although, now that I think of it, so is my house . . .’

At only £1.99, this ebook is a steal and will quench your thirst until the grand release of “The Mystery of Mercy Close”, another Walsh family novel.

You can pre-order Mammy Walsh’s A?Z of the Walsh Family: An Ebook Short on Amazon

Sinead Moriarty reveals redesigned cover and name for This Child of Mine

This Child of Mine

A few months ago Sinead Moriarty revealed the cover to her upcoming book “This Child of Mine”. It seemed that everyone loved the cover but it appears that Sinead has had a change of heart and has revealed another new cover and the name is now “This Child of Mine, and to tell you the truth, I love it!

The tender cover on this book of a mother clutching a child is completely different to her previous visual offerings. Her other books had the title with a coloured background and some sparkles. Pretty as that is, having an image on the cover makes a welcome change to the best selling Irish author.

For those who don’t know the story of “This Child of Mine”, the story:

This Child of Mine, is the story of two daughters, two mothers and the extraordinary bond of motherly love.

Sophie is a happy 18-year-old living in London with Anna, her Irish mother. Anna has devoted her life to Sophie. It may be just the two of them but Anna has more than enough love to give. Sophie has everything she could ever need.

Laura is a not-so-happy artist. She too has a daughter, Mandy. But Laura is haunted by the loss of her first child, Jody. Happy-go-lucky as she is, Mandy lives in Jody’s shadow and wonders why her mother can never let go.

Both mothers carry secrets and cannot forget the day their paths crossed. But a chance discovery is about to bring everything into the open and mothers and daughters, love and lies, past and future, will spectacularly collide.

Already I am eagerly anticipating the release of this book as her previous books have been wonderful. Packed to the brim with roller-coaster emotions, sensitive issues and with a dash of wit they are addictive reads and with such a pretty cover, there’s no way it can disappoint!

You can pre-order This Child of Mine on Amazon and will be available to buy from August 9th 2012.