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This Could Change Everything By Jill Mansell

This Could Change Everything‘This Could Change Everything’ is the latest book by Jill Mansell.

On the one hand, if Essie hadn’t written that letter – the one that only her best friend was meant to see – then she’d still be living like an actual proper grown-up, tucked up with Paul in his picture-perfect cottage, maybe even planning their wedding…On the other hand (if her true feelings hadn’t accidentally taken the internet by storm, that is) she wouldn’t have moved into the attic flat on the square. She would never have met Conor. Or got to know Lucas…And she wouldn’t have found herself falling in love with someone she really, really shouldn’t fall in love with…

Jill Mansell is back with a delicious new book that will warm the cockles of your heart with this happy story of karma, new beginnings and glamourous ladies.

In her latest book, the story is seen from the perspective of Essie, who’s life falls apart when her jokey Round Robin email is sent to everyone in her contacts list and this leaves her single, jobless and homeless. Fortunately, sophisticated Zillah takes her under her wing and offers her refuge in her home, in return for helping around the house. Now, that she has a home, Essie just needs to find a job and fortunately Lucas needs help in his bar. This would be great, if Essie didn’t hate Lucas for ruining her life and sending that email but she reluctantly starts working for him. Meanwhile, Conor Zillah’s other tenant is helping Zillah with her side project, helping people fulfil their last dying wishes.

From the start to finish, this book was an enjoyable read. It’s filled with entertaining and bubbly characters that made it impossible not to smile at. Essie is a great character, she’s fun, outspoken and isn’t afraid to tell Lucas what she really thinks of him. Moments between the pair make for entertaining and occasionally tense reading. Lucas is a charming man, who regrets getting on the wrong side of Essie and each time, he tries to right things between them, it’s thrown back in his face. I adored Zillah, she’s an elderly, flamboyant woman with a huge heart, she’s wonderfully witty and has such kind nature, that I found myself regularly welling up at her generosity for others.

With a striking cover, this book is wonderfully fun with dramas and twists throughout, ‘This Could Change Everything’ is a heart-warming story of friendship, love and starting over. Packed with humour, drama and tenderness, this romantic story is beautifully written and will have you smiling when reach the final page.

You can buy This Could Change Everything from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Win A Copy Of My Mother’s Secret By Sheila O’Flanagan

My Mother's SecretI’ve a copy of Sheila O’Flanagan’s book, ‘My Mother’s Secret’ to give away to one lucky person.

What the back cover says –

When Steffie helps her two siblings organize a surprise wedding anniversary party for their parents her only worry is whether they’ll be pleased. What she doesn’t know is this is the day that her whole world will be turned upside down.

Jenny wants to be able to celebrate her ruby anniversary with the man she loves, but for forty years she has kept a secret. A secret that she can’t bear to hide any longer. But is it ever the right time to hurt the people closest to you?

As the entire family gather to toast the happy couple, they’re expecting a day to remember. The trouble is, it’s not going to be for the reasons they imagined…

I recently read this book and really enjoyed the warm hearted story of family secrets and sibling rivalry and you can read my thoughts on the book here.

To be in with a chance of winning this lovely story, simply answer the following question by leaving your answer in the comment box below.

How long has has Steffie’s parents been married?

Closing date is Monday 12th February 2018. Good luck!

The Stranger In My Home By Adele Parks

The Stranger In My Home‘The Stranger In My Home’ is the latest book by ‘Sunday Times’ besetselling author, Adele Parks

Alison is lucky and she knows it. She has the life she always craved, including a happy home with Jeff and their brilliant, vivacious teenage daughter, Katherine – the absolute centre of Alison’s world. Then a knock at the door ends life as they know it. Fifteen years ago, someone else took Alison’s baby from the hospital. And now Alison is facing the unthinkable. Her daughter belongs to someone else. What would you do if you discovered your beloved child is not yours?

When a copy of ‘The Stranger In My Home’ arrived in my postbox, I literally put everything down and eagerly delved into Adele’s latest book which promised to be a dark and gripping read.

The story is seen solely through the eyes of Alison, a woman who dotes over her 15 year old daughter, Katherine. She gave up her job to commit her life to her daughter and husband. Her career is the upkeep of the house whilst maintaining a perfect family and keeping her daughters life in order, running her to and from her numerous classes. Alison’s life is perfect until one day, a man turns up at the door claiming that Katherine isn’t her daughter and not only that she may also be carrying BRC1 gene. The man known as Tom claims that Katherine and the girl he thought was his daughter Olivia were swapped in the hospital when they were born and both babies were taken to the wrong homes.

Alison and Jeff’s life suddenly falls apart as the world that they created is torn apart beyond their control as Katherine is curious about her new family meanwhile Olivia isn’t interested in getting to know Alison and Jeff.

The characters in this story make for complex and insightful reading. Alison is a strong character, an overprotective mama bear, her only instinct is the welfare of her daughter. She frets and worries over Katherine, this perfect little bundle of joy who has brought so much happiness and purpose to her life, which was once so bleak and miserable. Now she has Katherine, she doesn’t need anyone else in her life, but now there is the potential that Katherine might be taken from her, Alison feels helpless and surprisingly finds herself turning to Tom for support, a charming and charismatic character, they support each other as they tentatively get to know each other much to Jeff’s upset, a person who has always been there in Alison’s hour of need. There is also an inclusion off a smaller sub story about Alison’s life whilst she was growing up and how it shaped her to become the woman she is today.

Like Adele’s previous books, the story is cleverly written in a way that keeps the reader engaged and bursting for more. With every chapter there is a new upheaval in Alison’s life as her perfect world is slipping through her fingers beyond her control. Gripping from the every beginning, Adele explores a parents worst fear, when a child is discovered as not your own, filled with drama, riddled with deceit, ‘The Stranger In My Home’ is another wonderfully tragic and atmospheric story about the complexities of morals and issues and with such an unexpected ending that will leave the reader gasping in shock, this book has been hailed as Adele’s best book to date. I loved it!

You can pre-order The Stranger In My Home from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 26th January 2017.

You And Me Always By Jill Mansell

You And Me Always’You And Me Always’ is the latest book by Jill Mansell.

On the morning of Lily’s twenty-fifth birthday, it’s time to open the very last letter written to her by her beloved mother, who died when she was eight. Learning more about the first and only real love of her mum’s life is a revelation. On the same day, Lily also meets Eddie Tessler, a man fleeing fame who just might have the ability to change her world in unimaginable ways. But her childhood friend Dan has his own reasons for not wanting Lily to get too carried away by Eddie’s attentions. Before long, secrets begin to emerge and Lily’s friends and family become involved. In the beautiful Cotswold village of Stanton Langley, nothing will ever be the same again…

Jill Mansell is back with another great story, in ‘You And Me Always’ we follow the lives of best friends, Lily, Dan and his sister Patsy as the three of them deal with new relationships, new beginnings and trying to find the one.

The story is seen through the eyes of the five main characters of the story, Lily, Dan, Patsy, Declan and Coral. Five interesting people, all with different dramas and issues in their lives.

On her twentieth-fifth birthday, Lily finds out two things, the name of her mothers boyfriend and that British actor Eddie Tessler is hiding in the village. Lily never knew her biological father and was a child when her mother died, she was brought up by her mothers best friend Coral and her husband Nick. Curious about her mother’s lost love, Lily tracks down Declan and introduces him to her friends and family. Coral finds herself drawn to Declan, having spent the last number of years alone after Nick died. As Lily and Eddie become closer, Lily finds herself in the spotlight and her father makes a sudden appearance in her life, whilst her two best friends and brother and sister Dan and Patsy are trying to get their own lives in order. Patsy is longing to fine the one, but is having a disastrous time with trying to find the one, meanwhile Dan, the loveable rogue is trying to maintain his reputation of a bachelor boy but finds himself drawn to his best friend.

In Jill’s style that we have grown to love, the chapters are short and snappy and one is never enough. The stories blend wonderfully together as the characters and the plot interact. The characters are relatable and likeable characters, that made for charming reading. Lily is a boisterous and fun person, who wants to know everything about the mother she lost, whilst Coral is maternal and protective of the daughter she never had. Patsy is lovely, with her gentle nature and her quest for the one and her disastrous dates, add an element of humour to this sweet love story.

With a vibrant, blue cover, this book was fun and emotional from the very beginning’. You And Me Always’ is another lovely tale, uplifting and wonderfully romantic, this book was impossible to put down.

You can buy You And Me, Always from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Read An Extract From You And Me Always By Jill Mansell

You And Me AlwaysFans of Sunday Times bestselling author, Jill Mansell are in for a treat, as I have an extract from her brand new book, ‘You And Me Always’, so sit back and enjoy.

Chapter 1

There he was, sitting in the sun outside the Star Inn. Lily slowed and parked the van outside Goldstone House, next to the pub. Dan saw her and waved, and her stomach tightened at the sight of him, as it always had done. There was just something about the languid angles of his body, those long legs in black jeans stretched out in front of him, the tilt of his head as he chatted on his phone and laughed at something that had been said.

The tightening didn’t mean anything, though, Lily knew that. It had evolved as a kind of Pavlovian reaction, a habit that had become ingrained over the years simply because Dan Rafferty was so physically attractive. The good thing was, the fact that he knew he was attractive, and traded on it shamelessly with all concerned, meant the idea of an actual relationship with him was the very last thing anyone in their right mind would want.

And since she was in her right mind, thankfully she was safe.

‘Lily, Lily.’ Dan’s eyes crinkled and he pushed his dark glasses to the top of his head as she jumped down from the van. ‘My most favourite girl in the world.’

See? This was what he was like. ‘And you’re the most annoying boy.’

‘I’m not a boy. I’m a man.’

He was twenty-seven, two years older than she was. Technically he might be a man, but when you’d known each other since childhood, it just seemed wrong somehow.

‘You used to put frogspawn in the hood of my anorak,’ said Lily. ‘You’ll always be a boy to me.

Where’s your car, anyway?’

‘Over in Chipping Norton.’ Dan had texted her earlier asking if she could give him a lift to go and pick it up.

‘Why?’ As if she couldn’t guess.

‘Best not to ask. The usual, basically. Good wine and bad women. Well, one bad woman taking shameless advantage.’ He gestured to the still full cup of coffee on the table in front of him. ‘Are you in a tearing hurry, or can I get you a drink?’

Lily checked her watch. It was twenty past six. She’d spent the last three hours delivering a marble-topped table and a set of Victorian chimney pots to a customer in Chippenham, but work was now over for the day and the rest of her evening was free.

‘Go on then, I’ll have a Coke.’ She joined him at the table, unsticking the back of her T-shirt from her shoulder blades and flapping the front of it to cool down her ribcage while Dan disappeared inside to order the drink.

You can buy You And Me, Always from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.