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The Secret Of You And Me By Melissa Lenhardt

The Secret Of You And Me”The Secret of You and Me’ is the latest book by Melissa Lenhardt.

Nora hasn’t looked back. Not since she left home, and her broken heart, far behind her. But now tragedy calls her back, where she must finally come face to face with ex-boyfriend Charlie, and best friend Sophie. Only now will she be able to confront her past―and reconcile her future. Sophie seems to have everything. Married to Charlie, with a wonderful daughter and a successful career. Yet underneath that perfection lies an explosive secret. A secret that ripped through their town and destroyed her friendship with Nora. So when Sophie finds out that Nora has returned, she hopes Nora’s stay is short. The life she has built depends on it. But first love doesn’t fade easily. Memories come to light, passion ignites and old feelings resurface. As the forces that once tore them apart begin to re-emerge, both Nora and Sophie must accept that true love is something worth fighting for.

Founded in 1908, Mills & Boon is the UK’s number one publisher of romantic fiction and publish over 700 new titles a year and ‘The Secret of You and Me’ is their very first LGBTQ novel.

The story is written in the past and present tense between once best friends Nora and Sophie. Nora has returned home for her father’s funeral and to tie up a few loose ends including facing up to Sophie, her first love and best friend. Nora left home estranged from her father and joined the army, leaving her old love and life behind. She’s comfortable with her sexuality, whereas Sophie has hidden hers and had a traditional life, married with her daughter.

As the story progresses, both women confront their past and try to move on but their old feelings have returned. Even though they have hurt each other with their decisions in life, they are unable to stay apart.

Mills & Boon’s first step in the LGBTQ genre, is a tender and tentative one hat made for sweet reading. An exploration into first love, the story focuses on the issues of prejudice and homophobia as the small town are religious and against gay relationships. Life is particularly hard for Sophie, being married to an upcoming politician and pillar of the community, she has an image to maintain even though she is deeply unhappy.

The interactions between the 2 women made for heartfelt reading as they tried to ignore the feelings between them and Nora was feisty to point out her opinions, particularly when it came Sophie’s close-minded mother called Brenda.

Sweetly written, this book was a tender and sensitive read from start to finish. A story that recognises the hardship of coming out as well as the pressures of trying to lead a secret life, ‘The Secret of You and Me’ is a story of love overcoming all and new beginnings and is a triumph of a love story.

You can buy ‘The Secret Of You And Me’ from Amazon is available to buy from Amazon and other good bookshops.

The Summer We Danced Book Tour – Character Guest Post By Fiona Harper

The Summer We Danced’Today on the book tour for Fiona Harper’s new book, ‘The Summer We Danced’, we talk to the main character of the romantic tale, Pippa.

Hi, my name is Pippa. You won’t know me. But you’ll probably know my ex-husband, especially if I mention he’s a has-been rock star who was on a popular reality TV show last year. Yup. That’s the one – Ed Elliot – the guy who fell in love with the glamour model during the show.

I tried not to watch each night, I really did, but how could I not? It was car-crash television, with my life at the epicentre, and I had to find out how the story ended, didn’t I? There was a happy ever after for Ed and The Tart (as I like to call her) but not for me. And since I was Ed’s PA, gofer and all-around dogsbody, now I’m out of job too.

So I’m moving back home to the village I grew up while I work out what to do next. It’s going to be a relief to leave London, where I feel as if everyone’s watching me when I walk down the street. Why do they do that? I’ve intentionally lived my life out of the spotlight and I’m not changing now. Spilling my guts to the gossip mags about my “private pain”? I don’t think so! The sooner everyone forgets I exist the better.

Anyway, I’ve decided this is going to be the year of the new, improved me. First thing on the list: lose some weight. I’d go the gym, but I feel like such a heffalump compared to the other women there. My sister has suggested dancing, something I used to love, but I really don’t know…

If I tell you a secret, do you promise not to tell? Ginger Rogers is one of my heroines and I’ve always wanted to learn how to tap dance, but I really don’t know… Ed leaving really knocked me for six and I just don’t have much self-confidence any more. My sister tells me I ought to just stop being a hermit and do it but what do you think?

You can buy The Summer We Danced from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

The Trouble With Valentine’s By Kelly Hunter

The Trouble With Valentine'sThe Trouble With Valentine’s’ is Australian author Kelly Hunter’s, new book.

Hallie Bennett loves flirting with danger. So, when a man with trouble written all over him walks into her shop, she finds him impossible to refuse. Nick needs a ‘wife’ for a week to seal Hong Kong business deal. Hallie needs £5,000. It might not be the most traditional Valentine’s Day proposal but Hallie is hardly a traditional girl. Two beautiful and borrowed Tiffany rings later, Hallie finds herself on a plane to Hong Kong on her way to living the high life. But the week comes with deadly twist, will Hallie be able to survive the week with her body and heart in one piece.

I absolutely loved this story, right from the very beginning I was addicted to the lovable and fun characters that had me smiling all the way. Hallie and Nick are two great lead characters, both complimenting each other beautifully with Hallie and her adventurous and bubbly spirit and serious but broody businessmen Nick, between the two of them made for wonderful light hearted reading.

Even though the main story is off Hallie and Nick’s fictitious relationship, there is a smaller sub story which adds to the sweetness of the story, as Jasmine, the girl that was initially attracted to Nick, tries to deal with her new found love for her long term bodyguard Kai. The scenes with these characters are particularly tender and make for sweet reading.

With a classy cover that reminded me off the cover for ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, ‘The Trouble With Valentine’s’ is a wonderfully written and quirky story of love and friendship that will have you giggling throughout as we join Hallie and Nick on their Hong Kong adventure.

You can buy The Trouble with Valentine’s on Amazon and other good bookshops.