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Never Tell by Claire Seeber

Never Tell book cover

Never Tell is the debut novel by Claire Seeber and tells the story of Rose, who on the outside has the perfect life but beneath it all, hides a terrible secret. Back in her university days she joined the underground Society X, the society that pushed people to the limits, which tragically resulted in the death of a member, when meeting got out of hand.

As Rose tries to move on and put the past behind her with James, also a member of Society X, their past comes back to haunt them as Rose becomes enbroiled with a local businessman with her job as a successful current affairs journalist. Determined to discover the truth about dodgy dealings, she tries to do so whilst keeping her past under wraps and her family together.

I enjoyed this book, I liked Rose as character, she was complex as she dealt with a crumbling marriage and a job that helps keep her sane. I would definately reccomend this book, a great debut novel.

You can buy Never Tell on Amazon and other good bookshops.