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Safe With Me By R.M Ward

Safe With You‘Safe With You’ is the latest book by R.M Ward.

Kath has lived on the same London estate for decades. Lately she’s become friendly with the little girl next door, who is often left alone for hours at a time while her mum is at work. They have a system. When Mina gets home from school to the empty flat, she knocks on the wall three times. Knock, knock, knock. I’m home safe and sound. But one day Mina’s knock doesn’t come. Kath raises the alarm and the police begin the search. Kath was the only person looking out for Mina – now she might be the only one who can bring her home.

Set in a block of flats on a rough estate and seen from the narrative of quiet Den, elderly Kath who misses nothing and young mother Sandy who’s daughter has gone missing.

As the days pass by and the fingers of blame are pointed, the three people all have their own part in Mina’s disappearance. Sandy is having to deal with the guilt of leaving her daughter alone over night, whilst Den was the last person that saw her and Kathy wishes her had done more for the little girl.

The different narratives add an interesting slant to the story. Sandy is seen as a cold character, who shares little remorse for her daughter but she’s really riddled with guilt and wishes her could provide a better life for her. Kath has lived in the estate for many years and notices everything, she’s jokily referred to as the Miss Marple of the story. But even though she’s elderly and not as spritely as she used to be, she has a keen eye and is the backbone of the small estate, wanting the people to come together at this dark time. Whilst Den is at the centre of it all, he’s a quiet man, who’s bullied because of his meekness and this makes him a prime target as Mina was last seen in his dad’s cafe.

I really enjoyed this story, the different narratives made for gripping reading and really helped the pace of the story. I found myself torn with Kath, sometimes I found her extremely nosy and other times, I pitied her lonely life. Den is also another sympathetic character who was only looking for Mina and gave her the odd free treat and this made him a suspect.

The story is bleak and packed with despair with a little girl at the centre of it all, ‘Safe With Me’ is a dark and gritty story that made for gripping reading.

You can pre-order ‘Safe With You’ from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 9th September 2022.

What She Left Behind By Emily Freud

What She Left Behind‘What She Left Behind’ is the latest book by Emily Freud.

Lauren can’t wait to leave London for a fresh start in the countryside with her new partner Paul and his two young children. She never thought she’d be so lucky. A dream glass house in the woods, a ready-made family, a second chance. But as dark rumours swirl about their new home, Lauren begins to question their happily-ever-after. When they met, she was at her most vulnerable. She would trust Paul with her life. But should she?

If you enjoy twisty, psychological thrillers, then you must read ‘What She Left Behind’.

The story is seen through the narrative of two women Lauren and Eliza. Lauren has left London with her new boyfriend Paul and his two children Jesse and Margo. They move to a glass house in the middle of no-where with no other people or houses close by. Lauren is recovering from an accident and Paul is her therapist and that’s how they’ve met each other. Lauren is alone with her thoughts, whilst the children are at school and Paul is working. Anytime she ventures into the small town, the locals tell her about the bad things that happened in the glass house. Lauren begins to feel uneasy in the house and begins to notice that Paul isn’t quite the dream man that she is led to believe. Eliza also lived in the glass house and is also going through something similar and both women are beginning to regret giving up their sociable lives to become recluses.

Right from the outset, this story is a bleak one. The setting of the story is intense and dismal and with each page, the air of claustrophobia and loneliness becomes stronger. Lauren is a lovely character, she’s settled into the role of girlfriend and new step parent to Jesse and Margo, she’s not used to children, particularly ones that are still getting over the death of their mother and adjusting to new lives. But she’s constantly striving to do better under Paul’s critical eye. Once a charming man, he’s erratic and sometimes nasty and it does make for uncomfortable and unsettling reading with some of the things that he says and does.

This story will certainly keep you on your toes and with the different narratives, it’s quite the guessing game. It’s cleverly written and packed with unreliable characters and uncertainty throughout. Brimming with suspense, tension, ‘What She Left Behind’ is a dark and troubling story with a shocking ending.

You can buy ‘What She Left Behind’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

We Were Never Here By Andrea Bartz

We Were Never Here‘We Were Never Here’ is the latest book by Andrea Bartz.

It was meant to be the holiday of a lifetime. Until Emily found their hotel suite covered in blood. Her friend Kristen claims a backpacker attacked her . . . she had no option but to kill him. And with no evidence of the assault, Emily must help her hide the body. But back home, as the walls close in around the events of that night, Emily is forced to ask herself: Can her closest friend be trusted?

There’s no surprise that ‘We Were Never Here’ has been chosen for Reese Witherspoon’s book club and is now being adapted as a Netflix movie, this book is addictive with a capital A.

The story is seen through the narrative of Emily, who’s best friends with Kristen. They take themselves away to Chile on an adventure, only for tragedy to strike and Emily to come back a nervous wreck and fearing that the body that herself and Kristen buried will be discovered. Now settled back in Milwaukee and starting a new relationship with Aaron, Emily can relax until Kristen comes back from Australia for a surprise visit and Emily finds herself wondering if she really truly knows her best friend.

This story is dark, gritty and really gets under your skin. Right from the offset, we see that this isn’t a normal friendship. Kristen is the leader and Emily follows and the story is incredibly claustrophobic as Emily looks for space to start her new relationship but Kristen is there at every turn.

The toxicity of the friendship drips from the pages as Emily tries to distance herself from Kristen but the more she tries, the more Kristen tangles herself into Emily’s life.

An immersive and original story that was impossible to put down. ‘We Were Never Seen’, is an intense psychological thriller about obsession, deceit and manipulation and delves into intense female friendships and false memories. With suspense building with every page and twists that left me reeling, this book is an cinematic experience and it’s not even hit the screens yet!

You can buy ‘We Were Never Here’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

The Killing Kind By Jane Casey

The Killing Kind‘The Killing Kind’ is the latest book by Irish author, Jane Casey.

Ingrid will never forget what John did. The people he hurt. The way he lied about it so easily. The way she defended him. Now he’s back. He says a murderer is after her. He says only he can protect her. Would you trust him? The clock is ticking for Ingrid to decide. Because the killer is ready to strike…

If you love a thriller with a creepily delicious leading man, then the latest book by Jane Casey is a must read for you.

In the story we meet Ingrid Lewis, a young barrister who has spent the last couple of years trying to escape the clutches of John Webster. A man who she represented in court and ever since, John has been obsessed with her. Harassing and tormenting her and causing her relationship to break and fear for her on life, even though she has a restraining order against him. Now, years later when a fellow barrister is killed in an accident, Ingrid is convinced that John is after her again. But in an unlikely turn of events Ingrid finds herself turning to John to help her find out who is after her, as John is already one step ahead.

I’ve not read many books by Jane but this book was an absolutely gripping thriller that pulled me in.

The story is written in the past and present tense and this really sets the tone and scene of the story, introducing John and his obsessive behaviour and how he terrorised her and this makes for chilling reading. I found John to be a fascinating character, he’s handsome, charismatic but also cunning who’s also protective towards Ingrid.

As the story progresses and people close to Ingrid are killed, Ingrid fears for her life and the only person who can keep her safe is John. And this truly is thrilling reading as John finally gets close to Ingrid and help her with his fearless and clever behaviour.

I genuinely enjoyed this story, it has all the makings of a great thriller. A fast paced plot that is cunningly written with police procedures and intricate detail that made for gripping reading. Filled with drama, suspense and a creepy man that you couldn’t help but warm to, ‘The Killing Kind’ is a compulsive story that was an absolute joy to get lost in.

You can buy ‘The Killing Kind’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Deadly Little Lies By Stephanie DeCarolis

Deadly Little Lies‘Deadly Little Lies’ is the latest book by Stephanie DeCarolis.

Juliana Daniels finally has the life she’s always dreamed of. A loving husband, a career as an attorney, and a cozy apartment in Manhattan to call home. But when she gets a message from an old college friend, her blood runs cold. Remember me? Juliana drops her phone as though she’s been scalded. The name Jenny Teller shines out from the screen… but Jenny can’t have sent that message. Because Jenny is dead. Juliana’s other college friends have all received the same message. The four of them are the only ones who know the truth about the night Jenny died. It’s a secret they have kept buried for thirteen years. With ‘Jenny’ now blackmailing them and threatening to expose their secret, only one thing is certain. Someone else knows the truth about that night… or one of them is lying.

If you enjoy a good thriller that keeps you on your toes then look no further as ‘Deadly Little Lies’ has all the makings of a gripping drama.

Written in the past and present tense through the eyes of Julianna, who’s married and happy in her job. Until one day, her past pops up and the secrets that she’s kept hidden are coming to the surface. But it’s not only her that’s being threatened but her college friends Tori and Nessa. Making them all suspicious of each other as well as former friend and all round nasty girl Emily who enjoyed tormenting her peers in college.

The story flows at a fast paced speed that immediately held my attention as it flowed in different tenses and really set the story up nicely. Giving a clear insight into each character’s role and involvement leading up to the present time.

Right from offset I liked Julia, from her college days when she’s insecure and lacking in confidence and wanting to be liked by her friends and boys and how she blossoms into a confident woman who’s settled in her life. She makes for a relatable but also fascinating protagonist in the story, as she leaves the reader with uncertainty at times and makes it difficult to judge others at times.

Riddled with drama, suspense, college bitchiness and veiled threats, ‘Deadly Little Lies’ is a cleverly written psychological thriller that made for tense reading!

You can pre-order ‘Deadly Little Lies’ from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 26th November 2021.