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Worst Idea Ever By Jane Fallon

Worst Idea Ever‘Worst Idea Ever’ is the latest book by Jane Fallon.

Georgia and Lydia are so close, they’re practically sisters. So when Lydia starts an online business that struggles, Georgia wants to help her – but Lydia’s not the kind to accept a handout. Setting up a fake Twitter account, Georgia hopes to give her friend some anonymous moral support by posing as a potential customer. But then Lydia starts confiding in her new internet buddy and Georgia discovers she doesn’t know her quite as well as she thought. Georgia knows she should reveal the truth – especially when Lydia starts talking about her – but she just can’t help herself.Until Lydia reveals a secret that could not only end their friendship, but also blow-up Georgia’s marriage.

Jane is back with another fascinating story delivered with her trademark wit and insight into the complexities of female friendships. I started this book late one night, which was the best/worst idea ever as I was wrecked the following day, but it’s such a gripping story that I was unable to put it down until I reached the final page.

The story is about best friends Georgia and Lydia, they’ve been friends since university and have quite a complex friendship. Even though they are close and are there for each other, underneath it all is simmering resentment and jealousy towards each other. Georgia has achieved it all, a happy marriage, children and a successful career as a children’s author. Whilst Lydia goes on failed dates, lives alone and aspires to be a published author but is yet to find success. Georgia feels sorry for her best friend and reaches out to her on social media in the guse of another person who loves Lydia’s illustrations and believes in her, as the pair become close Lydia confides in Georgia and as much as Georgia wants to back from the fictional friendship, she becomes even more involved.

I find it hard to review Jane’s books, because her writing is so cleverly crafted and twisted that it’s so easy to put in a spoiler in or a big reveal. As per Jane’s previous books, I loved this one just as much. Her observational writing made for insightful reading about friendships, how hard they can be and how there’s always that one friendship that requires a bit more work than others.

Both Georgia and Lydia are fascinating characters and although they are there for each other, the underlying tension between the pair of them is evident from the first page and this really sets the story up for me. I liked Georgia, she’s thankful for the life that she has been given and is aware of her luck and wishes that Lydia’s was better and that more stable, whereas Lydia is somewhat bitter that life has become what she dreamed off.

Fun witty and injected with Jane’s trademark dark humour, ‘Worst Idea Ever’ is another fabulous story delivered by Jane that is riddled with deceit, suspense and revenge.

You can buy ‘Worst Idea Ever’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

The Search Party By Simon Lelic

The Search Party‘The Search Party’ is the latest book by Simon Lelic.

16-year-old Sadie Saunders is missing.Five friends set out into the woods to find her. But they’re not just friends. They’re suspects. You see, this was never a search party. It’s a witch hunt. And not everyone will make it home alive.

I really enjoyed ‘The Search Party’ a fast paced whodunnit since from the narrative of the detective investigator investigating a young girl’s disappearance as well as her 5 closest friends, who are all suspects in the case.

The story revolves around the 5 friends going out on their own search party in the woods for their friend and then them telling their perspective to the police being interviewed. It’s during these moments, that you really see the different personalities come to light and shows the friction between the friends. The five friends are Mason; Sadie’s boyfriend, Luke; Sadie’s twin brother, Cora, Abi and Fash. It’s during this time whilst searching the tensions rise, opinions are voiced and the friends turn on each other especially when their phones are stolen and they feel that they are unable to trust each other.

The detective in charge, DI Fleet is under a lot of pressure to solve the mystery, as the search for Sadie is turning out to be one of the biggest and most expensive searches of all time. Even though, all fingers are being pointed at Mason, but he doesn’t believe it’s as clear cut as that and is determined to find the culprit. Fleet comes with his own baggage, having returned to his hometown for the first time in 17 years after the death of his sister and is working through a separation with his wife.

The book is a gripping and tense story and for me, read like a Young Adult novel. The troubled group of teenage friends all going through the hardship of losing a friend whilst battling with peer pressure, abuse and the pressure of social media. The multiple narratives gave an interesting slant to the story, with perspectives from Fleet including police procedures and the tension between the teenagers kept the reader on edge, as all of the supposed friends had issues with Sadie.

Atmospheric from the first page, ‘The Search Party’ is a well written and cleverly crafted thriller. With unreliable characters and everyone with a motive, this book is a compelling story with an ending that will take your breath away.

You can buy ‘The Search Party’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Queen Bee By Jane Fallon

Queen Bee‘Queen Bee’ is the latest book by Jane Fallon and just like her previous novels, nothing is what it seems in this suburban drama.

When Laura’s marriage falls apart, the last thing she expected was to move out of her home without her daughter and moving into a small granny flat whilst trying to get in life in order. Moving into an area of success and wealth, Laura is already under a watchful eye box being a single woman so when a husband of her neighbour, claims that she left him a book with an inscription, Laura finds herself amongst the cast of ‘Mean Girls’ as the women of the neighbourhood turn on her and cast their loyalties with their friend called Stella, an extremely bitchy and insecure woman with 2 bitchy daughters who enjoy nothing more than belittling Laura’s little girl called Betsy. Laura is determined to clear her name and prove people wrong, with her aid of her employee Angie who works for Laura’s cleaning business to help find evidence to prove that she’s not interested in Stella’s husband.

‘Queen Bee’ is another sharply written and observational story by Jane, a story about the dynamics of the rich and privileged and how they treat the not so rich, particularly when it comes to female friendships. I loved Laura and how easily she fitted into The Close, but even when she was blamed for something that she had nothing to do with, she rose above it and claimed her innocence and even making an unlikely friend along the way. Her main concern and priority was wanting to create a safe and homely environment for her sweet little girl. Stella was also a great character, bitchy and privileged, scenes with her and Laura always made for entertaining reading as they swiped at one another.

The story has a great mix of personalities and the people from different societies and classes also made for interesting reading in the story. I found the story to well written with a nice pace and flow to it, with a lot of dry wit and humour, that mainly came from the protagonist of the story.

A story that can be consumed in one sitting and really brightened up a wet and dreary afternoon. ‘Queen Bee’ is another fun and revengeful story from the ‘Sunday Times’ bestseller, with drama, twists and plenty of Jane’s trademark wit, this book was a compulsive read!

You can buy ‘Queen Bee’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

The Wrong Move By Jennifer Savin

The Wrong Move‘The Wrong Move’ is the latest gripping book by Jennifer Savin.

When Jessie moves into a flatshare at Maver Place, she’s finally found a decent place to live. And when she’s befriended by fellow tenants Lauren and Sofie, she’s got great flatmates to share it with. You think she’s safe. You think she can trust these people. You’re wrong.

If you enjoy gripping psychological thrillers, then ‘The Wrong Move’ is just the book for you.

Jessie has moved to Brighton to start a new life, escape a violent and unhappy relationship and started a new flat share with a group of people that could become friends. But then she starts to receive threatening message and the flatmates aren’t quite the friends she was looking for.

This is a really enjoyable story, seen from multiples narratives, it’s fast paced with suspicious characters that makes for twisty reading. Jessie is an interesting character, having escaped her abusive ex boyfriend’s clutches, she’s tentatively looking forward to starting a new life, but it seems that he hasn’t given up on her. She comes across as quite a weak character who lets people trample over her, but it’s interesting to see her develop as the story progresses. At times she becomes as quite unreliable and uncertain in situations and for me this adds an extra twist to the story.

Her flat mates are intense and all want to be best friends apart from Marcus who’s a bit of a loner and Sophie who’s copying her style and Lauren who wants to know her every move.

Claustrophobic and intense from the very beginning, this flat share nightmare was a thrilling story that was very addictive reading. With plot twists, unsavoury characters and drama throughout, ‘The Wrong Move’ is an exciting debut from a new voice that will have you double checking that your doors are locked.

You can buy ‘The Wrong Move’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Jane Fallon Reveals New Book – Queen Bee

Queen BeeJane Fallon has revealed her new book for 2020 called ‘Queen Bee’ and it sounds like an absolute treat.

What the back cover says

When Laura’s marriage falls apart she needs to find a home for her and her daughter. And quickly.

Welcome to The Close, a beautiful street of mansions, where Laura rents a tiny studio above a garage, and gorgeous Stella is the indisputable Queen Bee – who soon suspects Laura of having designs on her fiancé.

But when Laura unearths the ghastly secret he is hiding, it threatens Stella’s perfectly curated world as well as Laura’s career.

Hatching an elaborate plan to beat him at his own game, these former enemies are now best friends.

But has Laura forgotten that revenge always comes with a sting in the tail?

Sounds like another explosive story from one of my favourite authors.

You can pre-order ‘Queen Bee’ from Amazon and will be avaiable to buy from good bookshops from 2nd April 2020.