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The Murder Of Graham Catton By Katie Lowe

The Murder Of Graham Catton‘The Murder Of Graham Catton’ is the latest book by Katie Lowe.

Ten years ago, Hannah Catton’s husband was brutally murdered in their home. The murderer was convicted. The case was closed. But now a podcast called Conviction is investigating this horrific crime – and they have Hannah in their sights. Someone knows more than they’re letting on, and listeners are about to become judge, jury and executioner as they undercover the truth about the murder of Graham Catton.

2021 has seen the release of some epic psychological thrillers and I’m now adding ‘The Murder Of Graham Cattan’ to that list!

This dark and twisted book took my breath with its unreliable and unlikable protagonist and horrendous scenes of abuse, gore and twisted behaviour.

The story is seen through the narrative of Hannah, who fell deeply in love with her husband called Graham, their love was deep and strong. When he’s murdered one night, everyone suspects Hannah of the murder even though someone has been charged with his death. Now years later, a podcast called ‘Conviction’ want to revisit the murder and answer some unanswered questions, whilst putting Hannah back into the spotlight and becoming the centre of unwanted and cruel attention again.

I love, love, loved this book! It’s so cleverly crafted, weaved with drama, suspense and with characters that you can never fully get a good reading on. Hannah is fascinating, she’s a psychologist working with teenage girls with eating disorder and is mindful of mental health and feels her own is breaking down. When the podcast series starts, it makes her question everything about that night, as well as the unwanted circumstances that are presently happening because of the podcast. The moments that she feels out of her depth or scared are all captured for social media making people judge and victimise her even more. Hannah’s family has a history of mental health and is terrified that she too will have issues and finds herself researching into her grandmother who was also accused of murder.

The story is written in the past and present tense all through Hannah’s narrative. The past tense focuses on the her and Graham relationship and it’s downfall. This makes for heavy reading, as she was victim to various forms of abuse by a man who had charmed everyone including their 5 year old daughter Evie. He made Hannah doubt everything in her life and constantly apologise when she had done nothing more.

The story reads like a fast paced thriller, was easily to get absorbed and was current with the true life crime series that people are obsessing over. And now with social media, everyone has an opinion or fact that they would like to share.

A fascinating book from the first page that really hooked my attention. Tautly written with a cast of characters, that made you suspicious from their first word, ‘The Murder Of Graham Catton’ shines a light on abusive behaviour, gaslighting and the horrors that go on behind closed doors. With an ending that left my bursting for more, I cannot wait to read the next book by Katie Lowe.

You can buy ‘The Murder Of Graham Catton’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Tales of Mystery Unexplained By Steph Young

Tales of Mystery Unexplained

‘Tales of Mystery Unexplained’ by Steph Young, is a collection of unexplained stories from a podcast by the same name.

What happened to Elisa Lam, found dead in a water tower atop a hotel roof? Who were the two men who came to see her & what was in the mystery box they gave her? Why did the location of her gravestone match the zip code of a Bookstore, miles away? Why was a man found in the same spot he disappeared, but 4 years later, with a hole in his head that no surgeons could explain? And what did this have to do with a séance, doppelgangers & the assassination of Abraham Lincoln? Why did a man write the Fibonacci sequence as a clue & tell a stranger he was “Looking for the Beast,” before he disappeared in the barren plains of a desert? Plus many more Tales of Mystery Unexplained.

If you enjoy books that keep you on the edge of your seat with unexplained, paranormal stories this book is for you, but if you prefer stories that are real life with no logical explanation, than steer clear as this book is not for you!

Having recently moved house, this book might not have been the best idea, as I found myself tensing up at each new sound. But being a sucker for unexplained stories, I delved straight in and found myself reading terrifying stories of unexplained disappearances and deaths.

The book is quite short at only 166 pages and is based on a podcast series by Steph Young by the same name. The stories are extremely well researched and there are different narratives and explanations as Steph tries to find logical reasons for the strange situations.

The stories are all equally fascinating but the one story that I found most interesting and the longest one was the death of Elisa Lam, which scarily happened quite recently in 2013. She was found dead in a water tank at the top of a hotel in Los Angeles, the moments leading up to her death are terrifying as she is seen alone in a lift, but behaving as if she has someone with her that she was afraid off. Her last moments are available to watch on the internet and as curious as I am to watch, I’ve managed to steer clear.

Even though this book is terribly unsettling in parts, it was a compulsive range of stories that I found both fascinating and terrifying to read in equal measures. The stories are cleverly told with an informative and friendly narrative.

If you’re fan a of ‘The X Files’ and enjoy stories of everything that goes bump in the night, then ‘Tales of Mystery Unexplained’ is most certainly the book for you, but if you prefer stories with a more happier ending then I’d maybe steer clear but I’ll certainly be recommending the book and podcast to friends who enjoy those types of stories.

You can the chilling book from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Conviction by Denise Mina

Conviction‘Conviction’ is the latest book by Denise Mina and has been selected as a Reese Witherspoon Club Pick for 2020.

It’s just a normal morning for Anna McDonald. Gym kits, packed lunches, getting everyone up and ready. Until she opens the front door to her best friend, Estelle. Anna turns to see her own husband at the top of the stairs, suitcase in hand. They’re leaving together and they’re taking Anna’s two daughters with them. Left alone in the big, dark house, Anna can’t think, she can’t take it in. With her safe, predictable world shattered, she distracts herself with a story: a true-crime podcast. There’s a sunken yacht in the Mediterranean, multiple murders and a hint of power and corruption. Then Anna realises she knew one of the victims in another life. She is convinced she knows what happened. Her past, so carefully hidden until now, will no longer stay silent. This is a murder she can’t ignore, and she throws herself into investigating the case. But little does she know, her past and present lives are about to collide, sending everything she has worked so hard to achieve into freefall.

Having been recently selected for Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club, I was eager to delve into Denise’s latest book and see for myself the hype about the book.

The story is primarily seen through the narrative of Anna McDonald on the day that two major things happens, her husband leaves her for her best friend and an old friend has been killed in a possible triple murder on a boat that is regarded as deeply unlucky.

Shocked with both discoveries, Anna finds herself having to run for her life when her past comes back to haunt her with the help of an anorexic musician/celebrity who decides that now is the time to document their own investigation into the death of Leon Parker and his children.

I devoured this book, Anna is a fascinating characters, she’s volatile, outspoken and is determined to find from her past whilst looking for the truth. She’s relatable in a way, that she doesn’t let others walk over her and even though she is a hiding with celebrity called Fin Cohen, she’s never starstruck and is quick to voice her opinions. I loved the interaction with the pair of them, Fin is timid, withdrawn and struggling with his disorder whilst Anna is quick to tell him to eat up or shut up. In this pacy thriller, interactions between the pair inject some humour into the story and extracts from the podcast really inject mystery into the story as well.

The story is original, quick witted with a ballsy lead riddled with drama and suspense throughout. With a slick plot, intriguing characters and the perfect murder mystery, ‘Conviction’ is a fast paced and atmospheric story from the first page that made for thrilling and entertaining reading.

You can buy ‘Conviction’ from Amazon and is also available to buy from good bookshops.

What feminism Means to Me

The Same For Everyone

On the book tour for Deborah Frances-White’s brand new book called ‘The Guilty Feminist’, I talk about what feminism means to me.The Guilty Feminist

For me, feminism is all about equality and respect. It’s not about burning bras or shouting it from the rooftops, but to have equal consideration for everyone and their abilities. It’s about being called Bronagh and not love or pet, it’s about being paid the same as male colleagues if we’re producing the same workload and it’s about not being considered as having ideas above my station purely because I want to strive forward and better my career.

As a feminist, I want my voice to be heard, to be considered as an equal and to recognised for being me and and not just purely on my gender.

You can buy The Guilty Feminist from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.