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The Wives By Tarryn Fisher

The Wives‘The Wives’ is the latest book by Tarryn Fisher.

You’ve never met the other wives. None of you know each other, you see your husband only one day a week. Thursday. But you don’t care, you love him that much. Or at least that’s what you’ve told yourself. And then, one day it all changes. You thought you were fine with this, with only having a fraction of a husband. But you can’t help yourself, you start to dig. You begin tracking them down, the other days… Who is Monday and why does she have bruises on her arms? Is she being abused? By who? Her husband? Your husband? What else is he keeping from you? And who is he, really?

I spent one evening with my head absorbed with this book. It’s an unsettling, psychological story that throughly gripped my attention.

The story is seen through the narrative of Thursday who’s married to Seth. Seth is a polygamist and along with Tuesday, has two other wives. They have never met each other but Thursday has a curiosity to find out who the women are that he is married to. Thursday then begins on a slippery journey of delving into social media and befriending whilst finding out that Seth isn’t quite the charmer that he makes himself out to be.

This book is one twisted story. Thursday is an interesting narrative, she’s complex and is content to have one night a week with her husband whilst the other wives have his attention. But as the story progresses, we see a different side to her and the perfect relationship, as Thursday begins to question everything that Seth has told her. He’s the perfect man, charming, successful with a dysfunctional childhood that makes up for his misdemeanours. Thursday as also a bit of an unreliable narrator and sometimes it was challenging to see what was fact and what was fiction.

The story is set in Seattle and Thursday is a nurse and for me, the story was written like a darker version of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. It was a sexy and gripping story about love, obsession that really made for compulsive reading. Atmospheric from the first page, ‘The Wives’ is fantastic and thrilling page turner. Fast paced with drama and suspense throughout, the story is an emotional and psychological thriller that will keep the reader hooked throughout.

You can buy ‘The Wives’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Safe By S.K Barnett

Safe‘Safe’ is the latest book by S.K Barnett.

Your child is missing. She was only six years old when she disappeared. Posters went up, the police investigated. But no one could find her. Now, twelve years later, she’s home. And knocking at your door. You’re so happy to see her. But soon you start to wonder why she can’t answer your questions. Where has she been? How did she find her way home? And who is she?

This is a genuine suspenseful story that leaves the reader wondering who’s telling the truth.

When a young woman turns up to a house claiming that she’s the same child that disappeared many years ago, the family are elated that she’s returned, but the older brother can’t seem to join in with the joy of the happy reunion.

The story is mostly seen through the narrative of Jenny and she’s an interesting character, who’s been through quite the ordeal whilst she has taken away. Her story makes for graphic and heartbreaking reading and it really did strike a chord with me, that a child would be treated in that way.

As the story progresses and Jenny begins to settle into the Kristal family, she can’t help feeling that something is amiss and starts to do her own research in the years that she was gone and finds herself wondering what she had returned after she begins to receive chilling messages.

It’s hard to say a lot about this story, as you could easily give something important away but this really was a rollercoaster of a story. Riddled with suspense had plenty of unreliable characters, this claustrophobic tale had me gripped from with the first page, no sooner had I thought that I had figured it out then the author would throw another curveball twist. A haunting and chilling story about disappearance and discovery, ‘Safe’ is a twisty and complex story that will you guessing throughout.

You can buy ‘Safe’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

The Seduction By Joanna Briscoe

The Seduction‘The Seduction’ is the latest book by Joanna Briscoe.

Beth lives by Camden Lock with her partner Sol and their daughter Fern. Life is peaceful, but Beth is troubled by increasing unease. It could be to do with her mother’s disappearance years ago. It could be her sense that Fern is keeping secrets from her. So she goes to therapy. Dr Tamara Bywater is there to help her patients, and soon their sessions become the highlight of Beth’s week. But Beth is in over her head before she realises that Tamara might not be all she seems…

This has got to be one of the most head melting books that I’ve had the joy of reading in a while.

Seen from the narrative of Beth, she’s been traumatised ever since her mother left suddenly when she was 13 years old. When she starts receiving mysterious calls, she decides to attend a therapist. Beth then becomes consumed with Tamara Dywater and the pair of them embark on an illicit affair. Beth becomes obsessed with Tamara and begins to neglect her family causing a rift between her and her teenage daughter, Fern.

This book is an outstanding piece of writing, Joanna has written a thrilling and addictive riddled with paranoia and suspense. As well as a strong story, the characters are so flawed and complicated. Beth has never recovered from her mother’s disappearance and she feels responsible for it. Tamara as her therapist, who’s meant to be there to advise and guide Beth is equally as flawed with compulsive tendencies, blowing hot and cold and leading her on.

This book is such a shocking story. The way Beth allows herself to be treated by Tamara, to be cast aside, dismissed only to be given a few minutes of Tamara’s or to be lead on by empty promises makes for thrilling and juicy reading. Whilst Beth feels that her heart is breaking, she’s oblivious to her daughter drifting away and is only interested in Tamara. Even though, I found the book frustrating with how Beth was treated, I felt such an empathy for her and wanted her to find some genuine happiness and rebuild relationships.

‘The Seduction’ is a cleverly weaved story of flawed characters and complicated relationships about obsession and lust.

You can buy ‘The Seduction’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

The Evidence Against You By Gillian McAllister

The Evidence Against You‘The Evidence Against You’ is the latest thrilling book by Gillian McAllister.

It’s the day Izzy’s father will be released from jail. She has every reason to feel conflicted – he’s the man who gave her a childhood filled with happy memories. But he has also just served seventeen years for the murder of her mother. Now, Izzy’s father sends her a letter. He wants to talk, to defend himself against each piece of evidence from his trial.But should she give him the benefit of the doubt? Or is her father guilty as charged, and luring her into a trap?

The story is seen from the narrative of Izzy and parents leading up to Izzy’s mother’s death and gives an interesting insight into the relationship between the three of them. It also shows how differently things can be perceived between adults and children and this was an interesting slant to the story.

I really liked Izzy and it was interesting seeing her struggle with morals and emotions as she reconnected with her father and tried to understand their relationship. For years, she was led to believe one thing but suddenly there’s a lot of uncertainty in her life. I found her to be quite a reclusive character and found that most of the people that she relied on in life had taken a step back. Her marriage didn’t seem happy and throughout the story, there was a lonely atmosphere to it.

What made the story so gripping was the unreliable characters that are throughout the story. All the characters are a suspect in the story and it seems that everyone could have a motive behind her mother’s reason.

An impressive and thought provoking story about family and lies, ‘The Evidence Against You’ is a well crafted story with an unexpected ending.

You can buy ‘The Evidence Against You’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Then She Vanishes By Claire Douglas

Then She Vanishes‘Then She Vanishes’ is the latest book by Claire Douglas.

Jess and Heather were once best friends – until the night Heather’s sister Flora vanished. The night that lies tore their friendship apart. But years later, when a brutal double murder shakes their childhood town, Jess returns home. Because the suspect is Heather.

I started this book one evening and found it so good that I even missed an episode of ‘Love Island’ because it had gripped my attention so much.

The story is seen from the narrative of journalist Jess and the mother of her former best friend Margot. Many years ago, Margot’s eldest daughter Flora disappeared and was never found, Margot and her other daughter Heather never recovered until many years later two people were murdered and Heather is left with a self inflicted wound with no memory and people are assuming that she murdered the people.

Once a successful journalist, Jess has returned home to a weekly newspaper and is struggling to find out why her childhood best friend might have murdered two people and finds herself reconciling with Margot as the two of them try to pierce together Flora and Heather’s last movements.

I really enjoyed the pace of this story and the dual narratives as they gave an interesting insight into the two women. As well as their narratives, there was also Flora’s last movements and this was particularly gripping. It was also insightful seeing Jess battle with morals as journalist she’s looking for the big reveal but also has a connection with the main suspects.

Cleverly written with interesting and unreliable characters that made for thrilling reading, ‘Then She Vanishes’ is a complex and suspenseful psychological thriller. Filled with plot twists and drama, this book was impossible to put down.

You can pre-order ‘Then She Vanishes’ from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 8th August 2019.