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Who’s Lying Now? By Susan Lewis

Songs In Ursa Major‘Who’s Lying Now?’ is the latest book by Susan Lewis.

Jeannie Symonds is a force to be reckoned with – an eccentric, award-winning publisher, spending lockdown with her husband in a house near Kesterly-on-Sea. She seems to have it all: a high-flying career, a happy marriage, a niece she adores. And then one day, she vanishes. Cara Jakes is a new trainee investigator – young, intelligent and eager to prove herself. When she teams up with detective Andee Lawrence to look into the disappearance, she is determined to find out what has really happened to Jeannie. Cara begins to question the residents of this close-knit community, sure that someone has a secret to hide.

The latest book by Susan is another thriller packed with dislikable and suspicious characters that really held my attention throughout.

The story is written in the past and present tense leading up to successful publisher, Jeannie Symonds disappearance as police try to piece together her last movements. As trainee investigator Cara begins to look into the disappearance, she realises that Jeannie had wasn’t quite the popular person and had some enemies, namely Estelle. A published author who’s struggling to write her second book who’s attention has now been deflected to finding her biological mother.

The past and present tenses to the story really set the scene leading up to Jeannie’s disappearance and give an interesting insight into the character. The story flows at a fast pace with the multiple narratives that I really enjoyed. The story is also set during the pandemic which adds to the claustrophobic and suspense to the story, with the lockdown and restrictions in place.

Susan is a new author for me and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her books, they flow at a pace that engages with the reader with revelations and drama throughout that made ‘Who’s Lying Now?’ a thrilling story.

Book News – I Have Something To Tell You By Susan Lewis

I Have Something To Tell You‘Sunday Times’ bestselling author Susan Lewis has returned to our bookshelves with a new thriller called ‘I Have Something To Tell You’.

What the back cover says –

High-flying lawyer Jessica Wells has it all. A successful career, loving husband Tom and a family she adores. But one case – and one client – will put all that at risk.

Edward Blake. An ordinary life turned upside down – or a man who quietly watched television while his wife was murdered upstairs? With more questions than answers and a case too knotted to unravel, Jessica suspects he’s protecting someone.

Then she comes home one day and her husband utters the words no one ever wants to hear. Sit down … I have something to tell you

Now Jessica must fight not only for the man she defends, but for the man she thought she trusted with her life – her husband.

For fans of psychological thrillers, ‘I Have Something To Tell You’ is a must read!

You can buy ‘I Have Something To Tell You’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Forgive Me By Susan Lewis

Forgive Me”Forgive me’ is the latest book by Susan Lewis.

This is Claudia Winters’s last chance for a fresh start. Changing her name and leaving her old life behind, she has fled to the small town of Kesterly with her mother and daughter. Here, she hopes they can be safe for the first time in years. But the past can’t stay hidden forever. And even as Claudia makes new friends and builds a new life, she can’t help feeling it’s all about to catch up with her… Until one disastrous night changes everything forever.

This was the first book that I’ve read by Susan and it was a fantastic introduction to the story.

The story is primarily seen through the narrative of a woman called Claudia who is escaping from her old life with her only daughter Jasmine and her mother called Marcy who have undertaken new identities to escape their old lives. But a terrible incident occurs when both lives connect leaving the family in chaos.

This book is a complex story of morals and forgiveness and delves into the concept of restorative justice which gives the victim of a crime an opportunity to meet the offender and put their views across, an interesting concept that I wasn’t aware of. It made me wonder about this concept whether it was successful and helped bring closure to victims and offenders.

The story travels at a fast pace and includes narratives from both Claudia and her family as well as an unknown man who is remorseful for his actions. As the story develops, we come to understand the unknown man and terrible repercussions of his actions.

The characters are a great mix of personalities, but I felt such a warmth towards Claudia and Marcy as they settle into their new lives and make new friends but they’re always on edge that they’re going to be exposed. Dan is also an interesting character, as him and Claudia tentatively begin a friendship and he introduces her to restorative justice.

There’s an element of suspense to the story as Claudia fears that her identity will be revealed, as well a deep underlying sadness as the family have to come to terms to the trauma that has come to their doors.

Beautifully written, filled with compassion and moments of poignant, ‘Forgive Me’ is a story of hope and new beginnings and is an deep exploration of morals and forgiveness.

You can buy ‘Forgive Me’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.