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Amanda Brooke Reveals New Book – The Goodbye Gift

The Goodbye GiftAmanda Brooke recently revealed the cover to her new book, ‘The Goodbye Gift’ and it’s lovely.

The story of ‘The Goodbye Gift’ is –

Three best friends. One tragic accident. One heart.

Lucy Cunliffe is waiting for a heart. Just twenty-four, she’s spent most of her life going in and out of hospital and after numerous operations, there’s nothing more the doctors can do, other than wait for the right donor. The day she gets the call is a day of joy and sorrow. Because for Lucy to get a new heart, someone else doesn’t need it any longer…

Julia, Helen and Phoebe are bound by long-standing friendship and mutual support, but each faces her own demons and a tragic accident is about to impact on their lives in a way they couldn’t have foreseen.

As the bonds of friendship are tested, we know one thing: Lucy will get her heart. The question is, who will give the gift of life?

I’ve yet to read Amanda’s last book, ‘The Child’s Secret so I have to catch up so that I can read this mysterious and intriguing story.

You can pre-order The Goodbye Gift from Amazon and will be available from good bookshops from 11th August 2016.

My Perfect Day By Amanda Brooke

Amanda BrookeOn the book tour for Amanda Brooke’s new book, ‘The Child’s Secret’, Amanda tells us about her idea of a perfect day.

I have this picture in my head of how my perfect writing day would go. I would get up early, make a cup of coffee and then retreat to my study which would have a fantastic view of rolling countryside so I could gaze out occasionally while I searched for the right word or turn of phrase. By midday I would have reached my targeted word count, allowing me to spend the rest of the day as a lady of leisure, doing author-ish things, whatever they might be, and would probably involve long walks and sitting in a coffee shop eavesdropping on conversations.

Unfortunately reality doesn’t quite work like that. For one thing, I have a day job which means writing doesn’t start until I’m home late afternoon, at which point I’ll fire up the computer and get straight to work. There’s a quick break for something to eat and then it’s back to the writing until I’m finished, which can be as early as 7pm but often stretches beyond 9pm. And I should also point out that because I’m usually sitting on the sofa, the only view when I look up is the TV.

The Child’s SecretEven where I can spend the whole day writing, it still doesn’t quite match that ‘ideal,’ picture, although I do like writing first thing in the morning. It means I can spend the rest of the day pottering around with the scenes I’ve just written still lurking inside my head and that’s usually when I’ll get a sudden flash of inspiration that will set me up for the next day’s labours.

What I don’t have when I sit and write is a view of the countryside. I live in the city so the best I can hope for is a view of roof tops and I tend to write in my bedroom rather the room I set aside for writing. Even though my study is equipped with all the essentials including a desk, a chair and lots of bookshelves, I find it too quiet and I’ve never been able to settle in there. The main reason I suppose is because it used to be my son’s bedroom. After he died in 2006 I didn’t want it to be left untouched as some sort of shrine, I wanted to go in there and be reminded of the legacy Nathan left behind and not my loss. It was because of him that I started to write and the books I’ve written take pride of place on the bookshelves next to his ‘Fireman Sam’ stories. There’s also a display cabinet full of his beloved ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ trains, not to mention Buzz Lightyear propped up in the corner with a good view over my shoulder if I were to sit at the desk. And I will start doing that…one day.

You can buy The Child’s Secret from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.