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Christmas At The Village Sewing Shop By Helen Rolfe

Christmas At The Village Sewing Shop‘Christmas At The Village Sewing Shop’ is the latest book by Helen Rolfe.

Loretta loves running the little village sewing shop in Butterbury. Some of her most precious memories are sitting with her three daughters Daisy, Ginny and Fern, stitching together pieces of material – and their hopes and dreams.

But this Christmas the family is coming apart at the seams: Fern feels like she’s failing at motherhood and marriage, Ginny’s passion for her job as a midwife is fading, Daisy is desperate to prove she ‘ s changed since her wild younger years – and most of all, Loretta seems to be hiding something…

It’s that time of the year when the Christmas books are hitting the shelves and we’ve got that warm and fuzzy feeling from festive reading.

The story is seen through the narrative of mother Loretta and her 3 daughters, Fern, Ginny and Daisy. Their relationship is turbulent and all Loretta wants is for the 4 of them to be together for the Christmas with their grandfather Ivor and hopes that sewing a quilt together for their grandfather will bring them all together.

Once close, the sisters have all drifted apart. Eldest sister, Fern likes order and control, so much so that it’s affecting her marriage and using the time away to work on herself. Ginny prefers to be more of a free spirit and working in temp jobs as a midwife. Her heart has never recovered when her first love Lucas broke it and now he’s back in her life and all feelings have ignited. Whilst Daisy is the baby of the family and most sensitive of the three girls. She’s never left home and enjoys the security of her mother’s sewing shop, whilst admiring her teenage crush called Joshua from afar.

This story is a charming festive read about reconciliation and sibling relationships and it made for tender reading as the three sisters begin to bond whilst rediscovering their shared love of sewing and reflecting on their childhoods. There are lovely moments in the stories as they reconnect.

Beautifully written and filled with festive charm and romance, ‘The Christmas Village Sewing Shop’ is a lovely book to curl up and get you in the festive Christmas mood.

You can buy ‘Christmas At The Village Sewing Shop’ from Amazon

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