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Christmas At The Village Sewing Shop By Helen Rolfe

Christmas At The Village Sewing Shop‘Christmas At The Village Sewing Shop’ is the latest book by Helen Rolfe.

Loretta loves running the little village sewing shop in Butterbury. Some of her most precious memories are sitting with her three daughters Daisy, Ginny and Fern, stitching together pieces of material – and their hopes and dreams.

But this Christmas the family is coming apart at the seams: Fern feels like she’s failing at motherhood and marriage, Ginny’s passion for her job as a midwife is fading, Daisy is desperate to prove she ‘ s changed since her wild younger years – and most of all, Loretta seems to be hiding something…

It’s that time of the year when the Christmas books are hitting the shelves and we’ve got that warm and fuzzy feeling from festive reading.

The story is seen through the narrative of mother Loretta and her 3 daughters, Fern, Ginny and Daisy. Their relationship is turbulent and all Loretta wants is for the 4 of them to be together for the Christmas with their grandfather Ivor and hopes that sewing a quilt together for their grandfather will bring them all together.

Once close, the sisters have all drifted apart. Eldest sister, Fern likes order and control, so much so that it’s affecting her marriage and using the time away to work on herself. Ginny prefers to be more of a free spirit and working in temp jobs as a midwife. Her heart has never recovered when her first love Lucas broke it and now he’s back in her life and all feelings have ignited. Whilst Daisy is the baby of the family and most sensitive of the three girls. She’s never left home and enjoys the security of her mother’s sewing shop, whilst admiring her teenage crush called Joshua from afar.

This story is a charming festive read about reconciliation and sibling relationships and it made for tender reading as the three sisters begin to bond whilst rediscovering their shared love of sewing and reflecting on their childhoods. There are lovely moments in the stories as they reconnect.

Beautifully written and filled with festive charm and romance, ‘The Christmas Village Sewing Shop’ is a lovely book to curl up and get you in the festive Christmas mood.

You can buy ‘Christmas At The Village Sewing Shop’ from Amazon

The Summer Holiday By Jo Clegg

The Summer Holiday‘The Summer Holiday’ is the latest book by Jo Clegg.

Claire Swift can’t think of anything worse than another holiday with the Wellbeloved family. The last trip together was a complete disaster – yet somehow, despite Claire’s best efforts, they’re all off to the Cornish coast again this summer. So, this time she’s coming prepared. But becoming a domestic goddess to keep up with perfect Honor Wellbeloved isn’t easy – especially when Claire is known for being clumsy and burns every meal she makes. And it’s not long before her carefully laid plans are going spectacularly wrong.

If you’re looking for a fun and relatable summer book, then this is just for you. Jo’s writing is fresh and warm and it’s easy to get absorbed in this enjoyable story. The characters are completely relatable as we all can identify at least one frenemy in our lives. That one friend who makes you feel awkward and inferior and Jo writes this deliciously. I loved Claire and found her such a sweet and kind character, even when she was dealing with Honor and her passive aggressive manner. I loved her determination to make the holiday perfect and even when the results were disastrous, she still remained cool.

Filled with warmth, humour and plenty of fun, ‘The Summer Holiday’ is a story about confidence, friendships and being true to yourself and is perfect holiday reading.

You can buy ‘The Summer Holiday’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Bad Choices By Lucy Vine

Bad Choices‘Bad Choices’ is the latest book by Lucy Vine.

Nat and Zoe have always shared everything. Hopeless crushes, emergency tampons, messy sex stories, work triumphs, those days where you can’t stop crying in the loos, those days where you can’t stop dancing on the bar. They even share the same birthday, FFS. The struggle is real, but they’ll always have each other. Except best friends forever is a hard promise to keep…

When it comes to book by Lucy Vine, I find them completely addictive and her latest book with its beautifully vibrant cover is no different.

The story is seen through the narrative of best friend Zoe Darling and Natalie Winters who meet in the school toilets one day when they get their periods for the first time. They also discover that on this milestone day that they share the same birthday and so begins their epic friendship.

Each chapter is a new year as they celebrate their birthdays together and discuss where they are in their lives. I loved the interactions between this pair, they are delightfully honest with each other and offer genuine love and concern for their happiness. Natalie is a delight, she’s a romantic at heart and is looking for the big love and when it comes her way is reluctant to let it go, even though it doesn’t make her completely happy. Whilst Zoe, is trying to find her place in the world and finds it difficult to see Natalie with new friends and her fear of being left behind.

Lucy is a pro at writing about the complexities and dynamics of female relationships. Her writing is fresh, witty and delightfully crude at times that I was regularly snorting with laughter. But she also writes tenderly of the pressure that women and society put on themselves, to find the perfect partner, job and be successful. This was the first book that I’ve got to review on a book tour for Lucy and I was genuinely honoured, as she’s become one of my favourite comedic authors.

With hilarious one-liners, dramas and nostalgia that make for delicious reading from the very first page, Lucy is back with another rollercoaster of a story that was genuinely uplifting to read. For anyone looking for books that will make you chuckle at creative dialogue and scenarios, I wholeheartedly recommend Lucy, as her books are a delight from start to finish and will always make you smile. Bad Choices’ is a wise and warm story that all women can relate to about life long friendships, the make ups and the mishaps.

You can pre-order ‘Bad Choices’ from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 10th June 2021.

Perfect On Paper By Gillian Harvey

Perfect On Paper‘Perfect On Paper’ is the latest book by Gillian Harvey.

Clare Bailey’s life is perfect. Successful career, loving husband, two kids and a gorgeous townhouse. At least, that’s how it looks from the outside. In fact, she’s never felt more invisible. Her boss barely remembers her name, her husband is distracted by his new TV job and her daughter has never found her more embarrassing! But when she’s given a chance to turn her life upside-down she wonders whether she should risk everything she loves for a life that’s more than just ‘perfect on paper’?

I read Gillian’s debut called ‘Everything Is Fine’ during the middle of lockdown and it was exactly what I needed during that difficult time. Filled with relatable characters, delicious one-liners and hilarious scenarios, this book was the perfect pick me up and ‘Perfect On Paper’ is just as good.

Seen through the narrative of Claire, she’s tired of her life, she’s invisible and taken for granted. So one day, she decides to take a stand and put her poetry skills to some use and somehow becomes the front character of teenage dance troupe and her words about being tired of being invisible ring true for women all around the UK. But she is still unseen and unheard to those closest to her even though she’s trending on Twitter.

I loved this book and gobbled it up in one sitting on Saturday. Claire’s a fantastic character, she’s only in her late thirties but everyone treats her like, she’s some old relic and past her sell by date. She’s successful in her job, but has been regulated to a fusty old office with no window and her husband’s job as a television presenter is growing by the day. I loved the moment that Claire embraces her new found popularity and having spent so much of her life in the shadows and is unable to deal with her new found popularity and instead likes to disguise herself instead of revealing her true success.

A coming of age story that everyone will find relatable, ‘Perfect On Paper’ is a fun filled and witty story about the consequences of growing older and no longer being considered cool or visible. Packed with humour and warmth, this book is a must read for all those wanting to be seen.

You can buy ‘Perfect On Paper’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

What Fresh Hell By Lucy Vine

What Fresh Hell‘What Fresh Hell’ is by Lucy Vine.

Meet Lilah Fox. She’s on the hen do from hell. Then she gets a message (44 of them, actually) from her best friend with big news: she’s getting married in six months. Oh, and Lilah’s her maid of honour. Which means she just got signed up for.

Lucy Vine is a relatively new author for me, I’ve read 2 of her books and have 2 more of her books to look forward to reading.

In this book we meet Lilah, who’s at the age where her life is filled with weddings and hen weekends, her bank account is being drained due to wedding gifts and the constant question being directed at her is when she will she be next? Her once laid back best friend has announced her wedding in 6 months and is determined that Lilah will make it the best wedding ever.

I adore Lucy’s books, her books read like a spokesperson for women of a certain age, where marriage and settling down is expected not trying to get further in their career and enjoying being single and child free.

Her writing is fresh and honest and makes for instantly relatable reading that is easy to sink into and connect with on so many levels.

I loved Lilah, she’s fun, outgoing and packed with wit and finds it impossible to say no hence the debilitating bank account. Her boyfriend is a sweetheart and her divorced parents hate each other and mostly talk to each other with the most inventive insults ever. Lilah is a generous character and she’s easily taken advantage off by, her friends, family and workplace. But as the story progresses, we see Lilah struggle with keeping others happy and putting others before herself.

This book is a riot from start to finish, with boisterous characters, fantastic one liners and scenarios that are instantly relatable and over the top. Lucy’s writing is sharp, quick witted and really connects with her readers.

If you’re looking for perfect escapism story that will lift your spirits and distract from the drama outside, I’d wholeheartedly recommend ‘What Fresh Hell’ and every other book by Lucy Vine.

You can buy ‘What Fresh Hell’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.