My (Extra) Ordinary Life By Rebecca Ryan

My (Extra) Ordinary LifeMy (Extra) Ordinary Life is the debut novel by Rebecca Ryan.

I’m kicking off 2023 with a review of the fantastic novel by Rebecca Ryan.

The story is seen through the narrative of Emily, who upon watching a television show becomes quite obsessed with being average. She’s discovered that she’s an average woman, average height, job and life. She decided that she’s tired of being average and devises a list called ‘The Life List’ and sets herself tasks and goals that will make her far from average. But in the background of this exciting list, there is a sad reminder that Emily lost her twin sister Claire when she was a child and had felt that she’s lives in the shadow of the more boisterous character but as Claire’s memorial gets closer, Emily has to finally deal with putting ghosts to rest.

I really enjoyed this story, for a debut it’s fun, witty and totally relatable. I loved Emily, a woman after my own heart, she’d love to change the world, but do it from the comfort of her own sofa. She’s setting outside her own comfort zone with lacklustre energy but brimming with wit and I loved her honesty. Last year, when I turned a certain age, I tasked myself with my own list of adventures and goals, although some are still to be achieved!

Although the story is witty with comedic moments, there is the underlying story of dealing with grief and this does makes for tender reading as Emily reflects on the loss of her twin sister. The story also includes past references so we see the relationship between the pair, the closeness and just how much Emily lived in Claire’s shadow.

Packed with humour, honesty and tugs on the heartstrings. This book is fun and packed with energy plus a handsome love interest, ‘My (Extra) Ordinary Life’ is a fantastic debut that was highly engaging and is perfect for fans of Claire Frost.

You can buy ‘My (Extra) Ordinary Life’ from Amazon and other good bookshops.

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