A Deadly Inheritance By Jane McParkes

A Deadly Inheritance‘A Deadly Inheritance’ is the latest book by Jane McParkes.

When Olivia Wells returns to Creekside, Cornwall, intent on fulfilling her bequest of cultivating a co-working community of eco and creative entrepreneurs in a renovated railway building, she soon finds opposition, sabotage and the murdered body of her friend. She has to put her trust in an unlikely ally to help her investigate exactly who is threatening the success of her ventures, her liberty and ultimately, her life.

This intense and claustrophobic thriller is set in a small seaside town and seen through the narrative of Olivia and Jago.

A successful architect based in New York, Olivia has to return to her roots when her godfather dies and leaves her his estate. Leaving behind her New York lifestyle for the rural wilds, she finds herself the main suspect in a murder investigation when a friend is found dead, the night after they had a fight. Now, the close knit and small minded town are watching Olivia’s every move and turning against her and she’s beginning to find out who her real friends are. Along with the help of Jago, her once nemesis, Olivia is determined to prove her innocence.

I enjoyed this book, it was written well with a plethora of characters that all made for suspicious reading. Occasionally, I found the story moved a bit slowly and the chapters were quite long at times, so I found just as I was getting to sink my teeth into the story, it was time for lights out. In saying that, the author was beautifully descriptive in parts, the vivid details of the small town and its attraction for many tourists.

Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, ‘A Deadly Inheritance’ is packed with drama and suspense and is the ideal story to curl up with during these wintery nights.

You can buy ‘A Deadly Inheritance’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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