No Safe Haven By L.K. Chapman

‘No Safe Haven’ is the latest book by L.K Chapman.

Poppy’s life has never been easy. Becoming a mom at sixteen, falling out with her family, and being abandoned by her boyfriend has left her feeling lost and alone, but her son is a ray of light in her life, and the pair form a strong bond: it’s the two of them against the world. Many years later, with her son grown up and away at university, Poppy arrives desperate, exhausted, and half-starved to a pretty doorstep, hoping to find sanctuary in the home of her old school friend Harriet—and it is clear things have gone horribly wrong. Finding Harriet living with her sister Jessica and nephew Reef, Poppy soon settles into a comfortable life in their rural village, helping Harriet in her delightful fabric shop, and believing the sisters have offered her a way to start again with a clean slate. But as the hardships she has fled catch up with her and cracks in the sisters’ strange relationship begin to show, Poppy is suspicious of Harriet’s true motivations for helping her and fears her only option will be to flee once again.vWith bonds between the three women tested to breaking point and dark secrets revealed, will Poppy find safety and happiness, or has she simply fled one nightmare to end up in another?

Looking for complex and twisted psychological thriller with an unfortunate protagonist? Then look no further as ‘No Safe Haven’ has it all.

Seen solely from the narrative of Poppy, a woman on the run who always falls for the wrong man, but she finds sanctuary with her childhood friends, sisters Harriet and Jessica. The story then flows back and forth from the past to the present tense to where Poppy ended up in this situation. Hiding from her past, lying to her son and trying to start over. This is a gripping story with a storyline that really pulls the reader in, the chapters are snappy always finishing with a dramatic ending so it was impossible to put it down.

The characters in the book are an interesting bunch, all complex and flawed. Poppy longs for independence but ends up getting involved with the wrong men who all take over her life. Harriet is a stubborn and powerful woman who comes across as a cold character but who has a heart of cold and takes Poppy under her wing and looks after her. Whilst Jessica is a scatty woman with a little boy who she adores, she falls in love at the drop of a hat and believes in the happy ever after.

The story focuses on many complex issues, domestic violence, gaslighting and narcism and sometimes makes for unsettling reading as Poppy and her son get themselves into some terrible situations. A story about friendship, deceit and trying to start over, ‘No Safe Haven’ is a dark and thrilling book that made for gripping reading.

You can buy ‘No Safe Haven’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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