Redemption By Jack Jordan

‘Redemption’ is the latest book by Jack Jordan.

Aaron Alexander has just been released from jail after serving eleven years for causing the death of Joshua Moore in a hit-and-run. Now a free man, all he wants to do is stay on the straight and narrow and leave his troubled past behind him. But for Joshua’s mother Evelyn, eleven years in jail isn’t nearly enough. Consumed by grief and rage, she has been waiting for Aaron’s release, counting down the days until she can exact the revenge he deserves. And now that time has come. But as Evelyn and her husband Tobias embark on a road trip to track Aaron down, they find themselves caught on two different sides of a gripping game of cat-and-mouse. Because Tobias knows what Evelyn is planning, and he will do anything to save her from herself. Even if it means protecting the man who killed their son.

Although, I’ve only read one book by Jack Jordan, he is a strong contender for one of my favourite thriller authors, his books are fastpaced, with relatable characters and scenarios.

I started this book last night and was unable to put the book down until I reached the final page, this rollercoaster of a thriller pulled me in from the first page and as a new mother, I felt a deep connection with Evelyn, a mother who’s wanting to avenge the death of her little boy.

The story is seen from the perspective of Evelyn, her husband Tobias and Aaron, the young man who killed their son in a hit and run. The story then follows the trio as Aaron tries to run from Evelyn whilst Tobias is desperately trying to stop her. It’s a real cat and mouse story, and it’s also impossible not to feel sympathy for the characters.

You can understand Evelyn’s anger towards Aaron whilst I felt a sympathy for Tobias who’s wanting the woman he married to return back to him, and Aaron is trying to move on with his life, but unfortunately for him bad luck follows him at every turn and Evelyn is determined for him to pay the price for leaving her little boy for dead.

This book tugs at all the emotions, anger, resentment and sympathy and as much as I wanted Aaron to run for his life, there was a part of me that was cheering Evelyn on.

A taunt and twisted story about the battle of morals and how far a mother’s love will go, ‘Redemption’ is a tensely, powerful and cleverly crafted book about love, loss and the unlimited power of a mother’s bond.

You can buy ‘Redemption’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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