The Stand Up Mam By Kay Wilson

‘The Stand Up Mam’ is the latest book by Kay Wilson.

Georgie Chancellor has worked hard to have a perfect life, and it is, on the outside. She has a beautiful home, successful husband and two wonderful children. Everything she dreamed about as a girl is hers. Not that she ever thinks about her past, anymore. But when her family enters her into a stand-up comedy competition. Georgie finds on stage, only the truth will do. Encouraged by Jaz, her handsome mentor, she riffs about her family and what life is really like behind the facade. Audiences love it, and Georgie’s star begins to rise. Will stand-up success destroy everything she has created?

If you’re looking for a fun and upbeat story then look no further. This book is fun, coming of age story about rediscovering yourself after becoming a mum.

The story is seen through the narrative of Georgie, who’s mother to Lily and Nat and is tried of being invisible not only at home but at work so when Nat encourages her to enter the Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Festival, she has no idea her life will change so drastically!

I loved this story and really enjoyed joining Georgia on her journey of self discovering and finding what makes her happy. She’s a fun and vibrant character, with funny anecdotes and situations that made for upbeat reading.

Deliciously fresh and witty, ‘The Stand Up Mam’ is a story of identity with hilarious and heartwarming results!

You can buy ‘The Stand Up Mam’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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