The Boot Camp By Kate Harrison

[amazon_link id=”1409136655″ target=”_blank” ]The Boot Camp [/amazon_link]’The Boot Camp’ is the ninth book by Kate Harrison.

It’s New Year and three women are desperate to shed the pounds and begin the toughest week of their lives. Steph invents puddings for a living and now the only part of her body she doesn’t hate, is her wrists. Will she prove to herself and to her ex that she can change.

TV presenter, Darcy is living the dream, but is haunted by one single night that changed everything where she made the wrong choice. Can she ever let go of the past? And finally mum of three Vicki, is under doctor’s orders to lose weight but it’s not the only burden she’s carrying.

Three women, seven days and one last chance to change their lives forever,

I absolutely adored ‘The Boot Camp’, not only is the book presented in one of the most beautiful covers I have seen in recent times, but it is also an enthralling story of new friendships and journey’s of self discovery

The three leading women are wonderful, as each character deals with their own problems in life and their reasons why they decide to put themselves through a week of pain and torture. To choose a favourite one would be quite difficult, but I will be honest that I did particularly enjoy the chapters with Vicki and Stephanie, as both characters had to deal with their own versions of heartbreak.

Even though Kate Harrison is an author who has been been about for a number of years, this is the only the second book that I have read by her as I read ‘School Ties’ a few years ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it also.

‘The Boot Camp’ is a wonderfully refreshing story, that will entertain and inspire from you from the first page. Proving that you don’t have to be a size zero to be happy and that self esteem and confidence rule overall. ‘The Boot Camp’ is beautifully written, with such a lovely witty outlook on life, making the book the perfect guilt free read.

You can buy [amazon_link id=”1409136655″ target=”_blank” ]The Boot Camp on Amazon [/amazon_link] and is available from other good bookshops.

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