A Day At The Office By Matt Dunn

[amazon_link id=”B00BEM118I” target=”_blank” ]A Day At The Office book cover[/amazon_link] Matt Dunn, who is one of my favourite male romantic comedy authors is back with his first one off ebook ‘A Day At The Office’ and is about five people who all work in the same office and have to face the events of Valentine’s Day as they prepare to offer themselves up to heartbreak and rejection as they bare their souls to their unknown loves.

Julie kissed Mark at the office Christmas party. The trouble is, she doesn’t seem to remember but Mark seems unable to forget. What better way to jog her memory than Valentine’s Day? Callum’s found the girl of his dreams on the Internet, but the trouble is he’s not been exactly honest about himself. Tonight he’s meeting her for the first time, but could it also be the last? Nathan’s organised his usual Anti-Valentine’s party for the office singletons. Sophie is going again this year and if she gets her way, they might just be leaving together. One day, five lives. On the most romantic day of the year.

I have always really enjoyed Matt Dunn, as both a romantic male author who approaches love stories with humour and optimism and as a man who gives an insight in the incredibly complicated male mind. So when I heard about this short ebook, I immediately put aside a couple of hours and got stuck into this romantic comedy. Right from the offset, we are thrown into the lives of the five colleagues, as Sophie, Nathan, Callum, Mark and Julie, deal with the most romantic day of the year, preparing for the Anti-Valentine’s Day party, blind dates or just spending the day alone. Throughout the story, there are regular scenes of tension, flirtation and awkward moments as colleagues come face to face with their crushes, and think up wonderfully creative ways to attract their attention providing lots of giggles and laughter along the way.

Well written and deliciously funny with wonderfully characters and office humour throughout ‘A Day At The Office’ is definitely Matt Dunn at his ebook best!

You can buy [amazon_link id=”B00BEM118I” target=”_blank” ]A Day At The Office on Amazon [/amazon_link]for an absolute steal, well for £1.99.

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