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The Camera Never Lies by Tess Daly

The Camera Never Lies

When Tess Daly’s first book “The Camera Never Lies” landed at my door, I must admit I was quite cynical and didn’t expect much, as some celebrity books don’t seem to do well on the bookshelves.

So with a slightly biased view I began to read the story of Britt Baxter as she she began to take her tentative first steps into the spotlight.

Britt Baxter leads a happy life, living with her boyfriend Alex and their cat Kate Moss, with her modelling career slowing down, the jobs are not as regular as she is getting older in the profession. But then when a happy accident occurs and she lands a prime slot on breakfast television. It looks like she has left the life of auditions and close up’s behind as she steps into the spotlight and rapidly becomes the nations sweetheart.

But just as Britt starts to get used to her new found celebrity status, she rapidly discovers that not everyone wants her to be successful, as the drama backstage seems to overshadow everything in front of the camera.

OK, I will admit, I was sceptical when I first began to read the book but I quickly changed my tune when I discovered that the book was sharp and funny.

As the lead role, Britt is a wonder to read as she settles naturally into the world of celebrities, she can occasionally be naive in the cut throat industry to the harsh brutality of the tabloids, but she quickly rises to the challenge of the older, more well established identities that are threatened by her bubbly personality.

I did find myself reading the book and constantly wondering if the story was based on true life, had she really been treated this way when she started out and could I recognise anyone from the television world.

“The Camera Never Lies” is a wonderfully written debut novel from the television presenter, filled with glamour, deceit and an inside view to what happens behind the scenes when the camera is off. I couldnt put it down, and thoroughly enjoyed the fun read, I also thought it was also a sneaky but smart move, that she also used her own make up brand “Daly” in the book. A little bit of advertising within your own book. Genius. With a prettily designed cover of the blonde presenter on the red carpet who is image of Tess Daly, it’s hard not to wonder if any of the scenarios are based on true life.

You can buy The Camera Never Lies on Amazon and other good bookshops.

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