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Food For Thought By Sara Madderson

‘Food For Thought’‘Food For Thought’ is the latest book by Sara Madderson.

Evelyn Macleod has spent a decade helping her husband, charismatic TV chef Seb Macleod, to become a household name. Now they’re riding high and enjoying the spoils of their success. When a tabloid forces Seb to come out as gay, Evelyn and her young son flee to a friend’s luxury resort in rural Kent. Sorrel Farm is the perfect place to hide out, decompress from her disciplined London lifestyle, and comfort-eat. The enforced break also throws into question everything that Evelyn has worked so hard for. Should she continue to chase the glittering heights of wealth and power in London? Or should she choose balance—and the chance to find love—in the beautiful English countryside?

If you’re looking for a book that is uplifting and full of spirit, then ‘Food For Thought’ is perfect for you.

Evelyn McLeod has the perfect life married to a handsome and successful chef called Seb, their restaurant empire is going from strength and they have an adorable little boy called Eddie. But things come crashing down around Evelyn when Seb reveals to her that he’s gay and he has to reveal this to the public before some photographs of him in a compromising position are leaked to the press. The couple put on a united front and reveal their story to the threatening tabloid, but whilst Evelyn has maintained her dignity, in reality she’s heartbroken and fearful of her future. So she takes herself off to Kent to visit her best friend Jess and her partner Zoe where they have a quaint resort filled with organic food, a stunning location and a handsome organic farmer to help occupy her mind. It’s during this time, that Evelyn uses this time to reflect on what and where is next in her life journey.

I loved this book, it’s packed with sass and humour and was a really fun story. The story is reminiscent of ‘This Morning’s presenter Philip Scofield’s recent coming out, a popular celebrity with a very public display, as Seb is a bit of a national treasure.

The story travels at a fun pace and with witty dialogue and great characters that make it so easy to absorb yourself into the story. Evelyn was a fantastic protagonist and was an inspiration to read, using Seb’s sexuality declaration to create a new life for herself and sweet little boy Eddie.

An up lifting and fun story about love and life, ‘Food For Thought’ is an entertaining book that made for delicious reading.

You can ‘Food For Thought’ from Amazon.

Walk On By By Stacey Solomon

Walk On By‘Walk On By’ is Stacey Solomon’s debut book.

Ever since Charlotte Taylor was a little girl she’s wanted fame and fortune. She sings with the voice of an angel and is soon plucked out of obscurity and into the limelight, an overnight sensation as ‘Lola’. Charlotte attends wild celebrity parties and moves in circles with the rich and famous, but the people living the life of celebrity aren’t all she imagined them to be and neither is her life. Struggling to find the real Charlotte again she battles against the crazy life she’s thrust into, desperately trying to swim to the surface. Blake Hudson is a self-made man. Successful in his own right, he’s busy making his own mark on the world. Self-assured, strong and determined, he’s not looking for a permanent relationship. But when he meets the sweet and charming Charlotte, he’s captivated. But the world of celebrity and business collide and commitments, half-truths and unintentional deception don’t make for smooth sailing.

I was a bit cynical when I was sent this copy, as it has been revealed in the past that celebrity writers don’t always write their own books, so I did wonder if Stacey did write this book and if she did, then this genuinely is a really good introduction to her writing career.

The story is about Charlotte Taylor, a young busker who is plucked from obscurity and is thrown in the spotlight as Lola, the latest singing sensation and follows in her career as she deals with the pressure, the bitchiness and the temptation of love when she travels to New York for a little bit of me time, when she meets handsome and charismatic Blake Hudson, who turns her life around and she begins to enjoy herself properly away from the glare of the camera.

This book is a fun and interesting tale, that could possibly be seen as Stacey’s own life story, as she rose to fame through the television show ‘The X Factor’. Charlotte is one of the sweetest characters that I’ve read in a while, genuinely kind and modest, she reflects back on a time in her life, where money wasn’t plentiful and her family struggled and wants to provide for her sister and her father, now that she is able. With low confidence, she is unaware of how lusted after she is and finds solace and reassurance from Roo-Roo, a celebrity make up artist and gay best friend who is always there and guaranteed to perk her up and the scenes between the two characters are always funny and warm moments.

The only flaw I had with the book was the cover of the book, which I felt didn’t portray the quality of the story.

Written in a fresh and fun style with lighthearted dialogue, I read this book in a day and found it almost impossible to put down. It was a really enjoyable and captivating story that provides an interesting and amusing insight into the world of celebrities and was a lovely debut novel from Britain’s most loved entertainers.

You can buy Walk on By (Best Things in Life) from Amazon and is avaialable to buy from good bookshops.

The Camera Never Lies by Tess Daly

The Camera Never Lies

When Tess Daly’s first book “The Camera Never Lies” landed at my door, I must admit I was quite cynical and didn’t expect much, as some celebrity books don’t seem to do well on the bookshelves.

So with a slightly biased view I began to read the story of Britt Baxter as she she began to take her tentative first steps into the spotlight.

Britt Baxter leads a happy life, living with her boyfriend Alex and their cat Kate Moss, with her modelling career slowing down, the jobs are not as regular as she is getting older in the profession. But then when a happy accident occurs and she lands a prime slot on breakfast television. It looks like she has left the life of auditions and close up’s behind as she steps into the spotlight and rapidly becomes the nations sweetheart.

But just as Britt starts to get used to her new found celebrity status, she rapidly discovers that not everyone wants her to be successful, as the drama backstage seems to overshadow everything in front of the camera.

OK, I will admit, I was sceptical when I first began to read the book but I quickly changed my tune when I discovered that the book was sharp and funny.

As the lead role, Britt is a wonder to read as she settles naturally into the world of celebrities, she can occasionally be naive in the cut throat industry to the harsh brutality of the tabloids, but she quickly rises to the challenge of the older, more well established identities that are threatened by her bubbly personality.

I did find myself reading the book and constantly wondering if the story was based on true life, had she really been treated this way when she started out and could I recognise anyone from the television world.

“The Camera Never Lies” is a wonderfully written debut novel from the television presenter, filled with glamour, deceit and an inside view to what happens behind the scenes when the camera is off. I couldnt put it down, and thoroughly enjoyed the fun read, I also thought it was also a sneaky but smart move, that she also used her own make up brand “Daly” in the book. A little bit of advertising within your own book. Genius. With a prettily designed cover of the blonde presenter on the red carpet who is image of Tess Daly, it’s hard not to wonder if any of the scenarios are based on true life.

You can buy The Camera Never Lies on Amazon and other good bookshops.