The Loneliness Trap By Ana de Andrada

‘The Loneliness Trap’ is the latest book by Ana de Andrada.

Gwen is looking for love. Her ex-husband has remarried, and her sisters and son are busy with their own lives. Feeling lonely, she takes the leap and sets up an online dating profile.
It’s not long before she meets an interesting man. Tom Hunter is handsome, exciting and much younger than her – and he makes Gwen feel like a desirable woman again. Soon, Gwen is head over heels in love. Gwen’s family members feel she is moving too fast, but she won’t listen. It seems that her dreams have come true. But appearances can be deceptive, and love can be a trap.

After her husband remarries, Gwen decides that she’s tired of being alone and sends up for online dating. She meets Tom, a handsome and charismatic architect, who seems too good to be true and even though, Gwen’s friends have their concerns about the speed of the world relationship, Gwen’s heart and purse belongs to Gwen.

At just over 250 pages, this book could be consumed in one sitting. It’s a good but frustrating story, purely as we’re seeing a kind woman being taken advantage off. Gwen is an English language teacher, who’s still recovering from her unexpected marriage breaking down and her father’s dementia is getting worse. One minute he knows her and the next, he turns on her and her older sister Dorothea, a reserved and somewhat cold character, who’s trying her best with the father, and it’s sad to read how he treats her. Whilst the younger sister Maggie, is somewhat scatty, who had difficulty conceiving her little boy and because of that, fussed over him which is causing an issue with her husband Martin.

Although the story focuses primarily on Gwen, there are other characters with issues which keeps the reader on their toes. I really liked Gwen, she has a lovely personality and like everyone else is looking for love, when she finds Tom, he brings her out of her shell and it’s lovely to see progress and bloom but it’s also upsetting to read his treatment of her and how he takes advantage of her.

A story of loneliness, new beginnings and deception, ‘The Loneliness Trap’ is a beautiful story that makes for heartfelt reading.

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