The Perfect Match By Dandy Smith

The Perfect Match‘The Perfect Match’ is the latest book by Dandy Smith.

Zara has always felt a little ordinary next to her spirited best friend Ivy. Even her dreams seem mundane: a boyfriend, marriage, children… Besides, who would pick her when they could choose Ivy? So when Zara meets Henry and there’s an instant spark, she can’t believe her luck. A wealthy CEO who wants to settle down? He’s perfect. Until Ivy insists he’s too good to be true. As Henry and Ivy repeatedly clash, doubts creep into Zara’s mind. Could it be that Ivy just doesn’t want to share her best friend with anyone else? Or does Henry have a hidden agenda? Zara is caught in the middle, constantly trying to prove who she loves more.
Then someone winds up dead, and Zara realises there’s more to this than jealousy.

If you’re a fan of B.A Paris, then Dandy Smith is your next new author.

This gripping, psychological thriller is written in the past and present tense, it’s seen from the narrative of Zara, who falls for the handsome and charismatic Henry. He introduces her to a world of luxury and sophistication leaving behind her best friend Ivy. Zara and Ivy have an intense relationship, they met at difficult times in their lives and have always been each others shoulder when times are tough. But Ivy doesn’t like Henry and this drives a huge wedge between the friends and when Zara is forced to tell her side of a story that resulted in a death, she’s unsure of what’s real or not.

I really enjoyed this story, it flows at a fast pace with regular twists and drama that really held my attention. The characters are complex but also relatable, Zara has always felt at a loss, her mother is an alcoholic narcissist who’s hated Zara’s father ever since he left her and started a new family. He only sees Zara twice a year and she’s regularly reminded that she’s not part of the new family. Her saving grace is Ivy, a vibrant and boisterous socialite who everyone loves, their friendship is volatile but underneath the drama, they love each other dearly. With all the chaos in her life, Zara finds security in Henry and settles into her life, but as much as she loves him, there’s something about him that doesn’t fill completely right.

The story looks at many hard hitting topics such as sexual assault, gaslighting, narcissism and can make for uncomfortable reading at times but this makes equally compelling reading.

Taunt, intense and with a somewhat unreliable protagonist, ‘The Perfect Match’ is a fantastic rollercoaster of a thriller.

You can buy ‘The Perfect Match’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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