Death In Heels By Kitty Murphy

Death In Heels‘Death In Heels’ is the first book in the ‘Dublin Drag’ series by Kitty Murphy.

When Fi went to support her best friend’s drag debut, she didn’t imagine a killer would be going to watch it too. And they’re waiting for their grand finale. Fi McKinnery is full of nerves as the gorgeous Mae B (aka her best friend Robyn) takes to the stage for her debut at drag club TRASH, but Mae B is dazzling…that is until local queen Eve lampoons her performance and ruins the show. So when Eve turns up dead later that night, face down in the gutter of a rain-soaked Dublin street, the timing seems awfully suspicious. The police are quick to rule Eve’s death an accident, but Fi is convinced it was foul play. When her ‘Hagatha Christie’ amateur sleuthing backfires, it drives a wedge between Fi and Robyn. But when another friend is targeted in a hit-and-run, she’s determined to get this twisted killer caught, no matter what the consequences. Even as the rest of the gang start to distance themselves, Fi is certain that they’re all in terrible danger. Something dark is lurking beneath the feathers, glitter and sequins of Dublin’s drag scene. And it’s not just the sticky floor and cracked mirrors. Someone is targeting the queens. When another member of the group is gunned down, it’s clear the danger is coming ever closer. Can Fi stop the killer before any more of her friends are hurt?

I’ve spent my day curled up with this book and this cosy thriller set against the backdrop of the bustling city of Dublin.
Written through the narrative of Fi McKinney, who’s best friends with Robyn aka Mae B, who’s dream is to become a drag queen at TRASH drag club and on the exciting night of her debut, another drag queen dies. Although the Irish police believe that Eve’s death was an accident, Fi believes that the death was more sinister especially when other drag queens are targeted.

I loved Fi, a budding sleuth, when she’s not busy as a shop assistant and photographing pets, she’s trying to convince the police and the other drag queens that someone is targeting them. But she’s seen as the ‘little straight girl’ and as much as she tries to fit in with the crowd, she’s constantly excluded. The drag queens are a huge bunch of flamboyant and outgoing personalities, they clash but underneath it all, they are a family.

‘Death In Heels’ was a great introduction to a new series, it’s fast paced, fun, packed with interesting characters and a relatable protagonist who’s at a crossroads in her life. The descriptions of Dublin were vibrant, as were the personalities.

You can buy ‘Death In Heels’ on Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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