The Perfect Teacher By Kelly Golden

‘The Perfect Teacher’ is the latest book by Kelly Golden.

What if your worst enemy… was your daughter’s new teacher? Miss Smith is perfect. That’s what my beautiful girl Jenna says, the morning I see the new teacher by the school gates, flashing her brilliant smile. But I know Jenna’s wrong. Because thirty years ago, Georgia Smith was my best friend… until one terrible day she wasn’t. I’ll never forget her face twisted with hate the last time I saw it. I’m still shaking when I realise Jenna should be home already, and then I feel it in my gut: My baby girl is gone. Miss Smith took her.

Right from the first page, ‘The Perfect Teacher’ is a gripping story, with different narratives and perspectives that make for unsettling and compelling reading as you’re not quite sure who the villian in the story is, as everyone seems to have a dark past. The characters are an interesting mix of personalities, I found myself not liking Frances, she played the victim a lot and she was quite annoying whilst Georgia was quite fascinating and I found myself racing through the story to see what happened to the friendship group that made them all enemies.

Dark and suspenseful with a great plot, ‘The Perfect Teacher’ ticks all the boxes of a great, psychological thriller.

You can buy ‘The Perfect Teacher’ from Amazon.

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