Under Your Spell By Laura Wood

‘Your Spell’ is the latest book by Laura Wood.

Dumped by her cheating ex, fired from her dream job, about to lose her flat: Clementine Monroe is not having a good day. So when her sisters get her drunk and suggest reviving a childhood ritual called the breakup spell, she doesn’t see the harm in it. But now Clemmie has accidentally ruined a funeral, had her first one-night stand, and she’s stuck with a new job she definitely doesn’t want – spending six weeks alone with the gorgeous and very-off-limits rock star, Theo Eliott. He’s the most famous man on the planet. Her life’s a disaster. When it comes to love, Clemmie is learning you should be careful what you wish for…

This book is the perfect story to get lost in this summer. Seen from the narative of Clemmie, her love life or her career is not going well, so when her sister Serena offers her the job of a lifetime, looking after Theo Eliott, Clemmie jumps at the chance, unaware that she already knows the handsome rockstar.

I loved this story, it’s fun, upbeat with characters that are relatable and engaging. Clemmie is a stunning protagonist and I loved joining her on her journey to figure out her pathway in life. Her relationships haven’t always been the best, as her rockstar father Ripp was often absent and wasn’t the greatest role model. But, her 2 sisters Serena and Lil are all the family that Clemmie needs and when the trio are together, you can guarantee fun and carnage in the scenes, particulalry when they are casting spells.

A fresh story, packed with sass, new beginning and magic, ‘Under Your Spell’ is an upbeat book that will bring a smile to your face as you join Clemmie on her life adventure.

You can buy ‘Under Your Spell’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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