Unfaithful By JL Butler

Songs In Ursa Major‘Unfaithful’ is the latest book by J.L. Butler.

Rachel Reeves has it all. The perfect family, a rich husband, and a gorgeous home. But when her only child flies the nest, Rachel feels lost and succumbs to a mind-blowing one-night stand. Instantly regretting her infidelity, Rachel cuts ties with Chris. But he won’t let her go that easily. She erases him from her life until a text changes everything. Someone knows what she did. And they’re ready to destroy her entire life because of it.

J.L Butler is the pseudonym for ‘Sunday Times’ bestselling author Tasmina Perry and her latest book is set in the fascinating world of publishing.

When her only child Dylan leaves home for university, Rachel decides to return to her job in publishing after an 18 year absence. After the excitement of being back in employment and doing something for herself, Rachel runs into an old university boyfriend and after several drinks and walks down memory lane, she ends up in bed with Chris Hannah. Distraught that she cheated on her husband, Rachel tries to move on from the incident, only for Chris to keep reappearing and want to reconnect again. Leaving Rachel in fear that this one night stand could potentially ruin her career and family, when professional and personal Iives collide.

I love Tasmina’s book, her books are rich in wealth, glamour, deceit and sex and even though she’s writing as J.L. Butler, I did feel as if I was reading the latest Tasmina offering.

I loved Rachel, keen to back out there and be seen as a professional and not as mother, she wants to make her mark in the publishing world and even though she’s been out of the game for 18 years, her knowledge remains intact. Her interaction with others makes for interesting reading particularly with her daughter, as she wants to not only be the mother but a friend too. She often appears as a meek character but as the story progresses, we see her become stronger with each problem she has to face.

For me as a keen reader, this book gave an interesting insight into the publishing industry and particularly enjoyed the scenes when Rachel was in work and pitching ideas for upcoming releases. The story concentrates on harassment and trolling, an action that has become much more prevalent in recently and it’s hard reading at times, the abuse that Rachel has to read about herself as well as what she has to face.

The story is cleverly written in a way that not everything is as it seems and just when you’re figured out who Rachel’s stalker is, something happens that pulls you into a completely different direction.

A gripping thriller set in the book world that oozes glamour, sex and suspense throughout, ‘Unfaithful’ is fast paced roller coaster of a story that hooks the reader attention from the very first page.

You can buy ‘Unfaithful’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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