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You’re Always With Me By Andy Maslen

You're Always With Me‘You’re Always With Me’ is the latest book by Andy Maslen.

Treating a woman for post-natal depression, therapist Mel Porter discovers a shocking truth about herself. As she battles to separate truth from lies, she must confront the most dreadful choice a wife can ever make. Believe that her husband is a killer. Or that she is. The woman claims to have murdered her own child. The confession turns out to be false but it starts a chain of events that leads to horrifying consequences for Mel. As each brick in the wall she has built around herself crumbles and falls away, a stark truth is revealed. Is she even the woman she thinks she is? When an ambitious detective with secrets of her own arrests Mel on a charge of murder, her world descends into chaos. Memories she thought she could trust turn out to be unreliable. Her very sanity is questioned. And Jonathan asks for a divorce. In court, facing a hostile lawyer’s harrowing questioning, Mel’s faith in herself reaches breaking point. Then the jury returns with its verdict and delivers a shocking conclusion to the trial.

This is first book that I’ve read by Andy and it was a brilliantly intense thriller that gripped me one afternoon.

The story is primarily seen through the narrative of Mel who’s been accused of killing her baby boy, her memories of his death are quite hazy but the unorthodox treatment that she received at a psychiatric hospital helps her recover her memory.

Mel is a lovely character, she loved her son dearly and is heartbroken that she caused his life to end but deep down, she’s unsure and tries to piece her memory again. Even though she’s a kind character, it’s heartbreaking to read how people treat when they think she’s a child killer. Her husband is a charismatic character, Jonathan has a high powered job and a love for high end designer brands. Whilst DC Ffion Parry was convinced that Mel had murdered her little boy, but as she delves further into the case, she begins to doubt her initial thoughts.

The introduction to this story is one of the best twists that I’ve read in a book for a while and it really sets the pace of the story. It’s fast paced and sharply written with flawed characters and unreliable narratives that pulled me in. The chapters are short and snappy so it was easy to get absorbed in the story.

A story about the discovery of the truth and the unravelling of lies, ‘You’re Always With Me’ is a fantastic thriller and a great introduction to a new author.

You can buy ‘You’re Always With Me ‘ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Unfaithful By JL Butler

Songs In Ursa Major‘Unfaithful’ is the latest book by J.L. Butler.

Rachel Reeves has it all. The perfect family, a rich husband, and a gorgeous home. But when her only child flies the nest, Rachel feels lost and succumbs to a mind-blowing one-night stand. Instantly regretting her infidelity, Rachel cuts ties with Chris. But he won’t let her go that easily. She erases him from her life until a text changes everything. Someone knows what she did. And they’re ready to destroy her entire life because of it.

J.L Butler is the pseudonym for ‘Sunday Times’ bestselling author Tasmina Perry and her latest book is set in the fascinating world of publishing.

When her only child Dylan leaves home for university, Rachel decides to return to her job in publishing after an 18 year absence. After the excitement of being back in employment and doing something for herself, Rachel runs into an old university boyfriend and after several drinks and walks down memory lane, she ends up in bed with Chris Hannah. Distraught that she cheated on her husband, Rachel tries to move on from the incident, only for Chris to keep reappearing and want to reconnect again. Leaving Rachel in fear that this one night stand could potentially ruin her career and family, when professional and personal Iives collide.

I love Tasmina’s book, her books are rich in wealth, glamour, deceit and sex and even though she’s writing as J.L. Butler, I did feel as if I was reading the latest Tasmina offering.

I loved Rachel, keen to back out there and be seen as a professional and not as mother, she wants to make her mark in the publishing world and even though she’s been out of the game for 18 years, her knowledge remains intact. Her interaction with others makes for interesting reading particularly with her daughter, as she wants to not only be the mother but a friend too. She often appears as a meek character but as the story progresses, we see her become stronger with each problem she has to face.

For me as a keen reader, this book gave an interesting insight into the publishing industry and particularly enjoyed the scenes when Rachel was in work and pitching ideas for upcoming releases. The story concentrates on harassment and trolling, an action that has become much more prevalent in recently and it’s hard reading at times, the abuse that Rachel has to read about herself as well as what she has to face.

The story is cleverly written in a way that not everything is as it seems and just when you’re figured out who Rachel’s stalker is, something happens that pulls you into a completely different direction.

A gripping thriller set in the book world that oozes glamour, sex and suspense throughout, ‘Unfaithful’ is fast paced roller coaster of a story that hooks the reader attention from the very first page.

You can buy ‘Unfaithful’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Celebrations at the Chateau By Jo Thomas

Celebrations at the Chateau‘Celebrations at the Chateau’ is the latest book by Jo Thomas, so sit back and enjoy an extract from the story.

‘It’s like . . . Hogwarts!’ I say, peering through the early- morning autumnal mist. At least, I think it’s me who says it out loud.

Tiredness and shock has mashed my brain and blurred my vision. But I’m pretty sure it’s what we’re all thinking, for once, all on the same page, as we sit inside the hire car.

‘I’m waiting for Frank-N-Furter to come and meet us,’ says my eldest sister Nellie, short for Elinor, but no one calls her that and she doesn’t mind.

‘Who?’ I ask, questions whizzing round my brain, like eggs in a blender, turning to froth.

‘Never mind, you’re too young!’ says Lizzie, my middle sister, short for Elizabeth, but no one calls her that and, yes, I think she does mind.

‘Er, not that much younger than you!’ Nellie reprimands.

‘It’s fine,’ I say. ‘Let’s just find out where we’re sup- posed to be and what’s going on.’

And they both close their mouths, like bickering children who have been silenced.

‘And Hogwarts is a lot bigger,’ says Nellie, but quieter. She would know, bringing up three boys.

‘But just as creepy,’ says Lizzie. ‘This is . . .’ She carries on staring at it from behind the steering wheel, through the big metal gates.

‘This is a joke, right? Someone’s idea of a practical joke! Wait until I find out who’s responsible for this!’ Nellie shakes her head.
But who would do that? Especially not now, not with our grandfather only just buried. Tears, which seem to have been constantly ready to spill for the last month, prickle again.

‘Or someone’s got their facts wrong, which is more likely!’ Lizzie likes to have facts and answers. She works on logic. ‘An overnight ferry crossing, on choppy waters, then driving on the wrong side of the road for over an hour in a hire car for a wrong address!’ she says, sound- ing fearsome. I just know that someone is going to be in big trouble if this turns out to be the case.

We sit in the car, the heaters blowing on our cheeks, looking at the listing iron gates and the long tree-lined drive to the left, covered with fallen late-autumn leaves. And beyond that, shrouded in mist, is what I can only describe as . . .

‘It’s a castle.’ I say what we’re all thinking.

‘A château,’ Lizzie corrects.

‘Yes, a château,’ I agree. ‘I’ve seen one on television with Dick and Angel.’

‘Who?’ Lizzie asks.

‘Daytime telly,’ Nellie confirms.

Lizzie tuts and purses her lips.

Neither of us says any more. Lizzie doesn’t do day-time TV. In fact, I don’t think she does telly of any sort. She just works and she isn’t happy about taking time off to be here. We all sit and stare through the gates.

Lizzie grips the steering wheel. ‘Check the satnav again,’ she instructs, jabbing a short painted fingernail at my phone.

I do as I’m told. ‘You have arrived at your destination. You have arrived at your destination,’ it repeats, grating on our nerves.

We all look around and behind us, but there’s nothing else. Just these gates, the long tree-lined drive, a field of brown and white cows to the right of it and a farm- house with lights on. And, beyond the gates, this building, glowering at us with a Gallic glare. Suddenly, there is a flickering of lights from a window in the turret closest to us – there’s one on each side of the building. Again they flicker and go out, flicker and go out.

We look at each other nervously.

‘Are you sure we own this?’ I ask again, hoping there’s been a big mistake.

You can buy ‘Celebrations at the Chateau’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Let Me Sleep By Laura J Sillett

Let Me Sleep’’Let Me Sleep’ is the latest book by Laura J Sillet.

Tormented by nightmares of a screaming woman, Nico Jakes opens his eyes to an unfamiliar world. Forced into hiding by a global war, a society has made its home underground. Suffering from psychological trauma, Nico learns that his lost memories hold the key to the survival of the entire community. Frustrated, confused, and under the watchful eye of his protective brother, Nico submits to an unconventional drug treatment to unearth a crucial secret, before an escaped traitor can exploit it. But the descent into his mind also opens the flood gates to Nico’s past, bringing back forgotten lovers, enemies, and tragedy. With dreams warped by drugs and memories tainted by lies, Nico soon realises that he cannot trust anything, not even himself.

When I initially started this book, I found it a bit hard to get into. To understand the premise of the story and all the roles of the characters but once I got into the book, I found it to be a fascinating read.

This story is a dark, dystopian tale set in the future in 2031 and seen through the eyes of Nico, the hero of the story who’s having to save the world by going into his dreams and revisiting the world that he wants to forget and has to piece together his memories.

The story is set in the past and present and at times, I did find it a bit confusing at times to understand which era the story is set in. Nico initially comes across as quite an unlikable and nasty character who has to face up to his past and his memories are unreliable, so he’s unsure as to what is real and what is not.

As the story progresses and Nico deals with his issues, we see him progress in personality and life and this makes for interesting reading in such a bleak world.

A compelling and dark story riddled with suspense, despair and drama, ‘Let Me Sleep’ is a fascinating story of recovery and hope.

You can buy ‘Let Me Sleep’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

The Rabbit Factor By Antti Toumainen

The Rabbit Factor‘The Rabbit Factor’ is the latest book by Antti Toumainen.

What makes life perfect? Insurance mathematician Henri Koskinen knows the answer because he calculates everything down to the very last decimal. And then, for the first time, Henri is faced with the incalculable. After suddenly losing his job, Henri inherits an adventure park from his brother – its peculiar employees and troubling financial problems included. The worst of the financial issues appear to originate from big loans taken from criminal quarters … and some dangerous men are very keen to get their money back.But what Henri really can’t compute is love. In the adventure park, Henri crosses paths with Laura, an artist with a chequered past, and a joie de vivre and erratic lifestyle that bewilders him. As the criminals go to extreme lengths to collect their debts and as Henri’s relationship with Laura deepens, he finds himself faced with situations and emotions that simply cannot be pinned down on his spreadsheets…

Seen through the narrative of Henri, this book is a quirky story that entertained me. Henri is a mathematical and logical man who has been left an amusement park by his deceased brother who also leaves behind a huge amount of debt.

Using logic and his calculations Henri has to save his brother’s failing amusement park as well trying to pay off the loan sharks that are threatening his life.

Henri is a mild mannered character who keeps his feelings in check. He’s a loner who’s unhappy in life and once he’s given an amusement park to look after and rescue, Henri finds a new meaning to his life and finds people that he connects with.

This story is a fascinating one, it’s a quirky storyline that has the reader smiling and giggling throughout. I loved Henri, he’s smart he’s odd but at the core of it all, he has a huge heart.

With a fantastically bright and fun cover, ‘The Rabbit Factor’ is a story of new beginnings and friendships, that made for really enjoyable reading

You can buy ‘The Rabbit Factor’ from Amazon.