Upstairs At The Beresford By Will Carver

‘Upstairs At The Beresford’ is the latest book by Will Carver.

Hotel Beresford is a grand, old building, just outside the city. And any soul is welcome. Danielle Ortega works nights, singing at whatever dive bar will offer her a gig. She gets by, keeping to herself. Sam Walker gambles and drinks, and can’t keep his hands to himself. Now he’s tied up in a shoe closet with a dent in his head that matches Danielle’s broken ashtray. The man in 731 has been dead for two days and his dog has not stopped barking. Two doors down, the couple who always smokes on the window ledge will mysteriously fall. Upstairs, in the penthouse, Mr Balliol sees it all. He can peer into every crevice of every floor of the hotel from his screen-filled suite. He witnesses humanity and inhumanity in all its forms: loneliness, passion and desperation in equal measure. All the ingredients he needs to make a deal. When Danielle returns home one night to find Sam gone, a series of sinister events begins to unfold. But strange things often occur at Hotel Beresford, and many are only a distraction to hide something much, much darker…

If you like creepy and unsettling then Hotel Beresford is just the book for you. This eerie book about lost and desperate souls made for gripping and dark reading. Seen from the perspective of the guests at the hotel, it delves into how far a person will go to get what they want. Behind each door, everyone is unhappy, living a life and it really does make for depressing reading in some instances, especially with the devil living in the penthouse suite, watching your every move. I loved the characters in this story, but in particular was Odie, a sweet little boy who’s much too wise for his years. He’s kind, smart and his mother is trying everything that she can to provide him with a better life. Whilst Mrs May is willing to sell her soul so that she has more time with her terminally ill husband and Carol is tired of having to clean up all the messes and tragedies that happen in the hotel.

Packed with deceit, lust, betrayal and unsettling dealings, ‘Upstairs At The Beresford Hotel’ is a creepy story from the very first page with characters that are both lovely and despicable in equal measures!

You can pre-order ‘Upstairs At The Beresford Hotel’ from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 9th November 2023.

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