Disaster Dates and Lucky Escapes by Tess Smith-Roberts

‘Disaster Dates and Lucky Escapes’ is a comic by Tess Smith-Roberts.

Meet Olive. She’s just a regular gal looking for love, but navigating the wild world of modern dating is getting her no closer to finding the one – why are there so many weirdos out there?! Follow serial dater Olive on her quest for companionship, as she navigates the terrible world of app-based dating and goes on dates that go from bad to worse to even more disastrous, including a man who disappears after going to the toilet in a restaurant and is later spotted on shift waiting tables; a woman who vomits all over her on the beach; and a professional triangle player who gets into a fist fight and jumps out of not one but two moving cabs. Will Olive ever find the one? And will they be everything she’s looking for?

This delight comic book story is a series of illustrations by Tess Smith-Roberts, wittily written it gives a fun and sad insight into the world of dating and the disastrous dates out there. Relatable and fun, Olive is hoping to find love but love is nowhere to be found. Unlucky in love, this comic follows her as she tries different ways of finding the one with online and real life dating. I loved Olive, she’s open to love and even though she’s not successful. It’s been a while since I’ve read a comic so it was a lovely experience with vivid and fun illustrations and a playful twist on some famous memes.

‘Disaster Dates and Lucky Escapes’ is fun, creative and at only 50 pages long this book can be enjoyed in one sitting! The perfect accompaniment to your lunch time!

You can buy ‘Disaster Dates and Lucky Escapes’ from Amazon.

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