Rowan Coleman Reveals Her Secret Double Life

Scarlett Bailey

Exciting news last week when author of “Dearest Rose”, Rowan Coleman revealed that she is infact Christmas fiction author, Scarlett Bailey and has been so for the last two years.

In a post revealed on her website, entitled “The Truth About My Secret Double Life” Rowan confessed that she had an alter ego.

Rowan said –

It’s funny to think that for almost two years I have had a top secret identity that almost no-one has known about. Not quite a super hero, although not adverse to spreading a little magic and a lot of fun, not quite an alter ego, but definitely a top secret identity never-the-less. Because for the last two years I have not been allowed to tell you truth – until today.

And the truth is that I am not only Rowan Coleman, no my friends – I am also Christmas Fiction writer Scarlett Bailey.

As well as revealing her lighter more comic side as Scarlett Bailey. Rowan also announced that “Dearest Rose” was to be her last book with Arrow and she has just signed a deal with Ebury Press, who will publish her next two books “The Memory Book” and “One Night”

Two more books? Rowan you are spoiling us! And as for Scarlett, I look forward to what the future has in store for her.

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